Ashley Stengel

Ashley Stengel, Graduate Student

Program Information:

Ph.D., Complex Biosystems

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Prior Degrees Earned:

B.Sc. - Biology with a specialization in Environmental & Organismal Biology- University of Utah (2013)

Fellowships/Awards Received:

Larrick & Whitmore Graduate Student Travel Funds (2019) Widaman Distinguished Graduate Assistantship (2018 - 2019) NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention (2017) U. North Dakota Big Data Summit Hackathon Grand Champion (2016) U. North Dakota Bi

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Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Joshua Herr

Research Description:

Applying bioinformatics tools and an ecological framework, my research explores the temporal and spatial dynamics of microbial communities in maize agroecosystems. Much of my current work evaluates the long-term effects of crop diversification and nitrogen fertilization on microbial community structure. Ultimately, I am working to identify drivers of nutrient cycling and characterize structure-function relationships that comprise soil-plant-microbe interactions. You can hear more about my work by listening to the Streaming Science podcast "Think Like a Microbe" (linked below). In addition to these research activities, I am involved in instructional design and course development activities with Dr. Rhae Drijber (AGRO 460/860 - Soil Microbiology) and Dr. Sydney Everhart (PLPT 892 - Success in the Sciences).