Chenyong Miao

Chenyong Miao, Graduate Student

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MS Bioinformatics Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University 2016
BA Biotechnology Henan University of Science and Technology 2013

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Dr. James Schnable

Research Description:

I started working on research in my masters when I was admitted to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2013, where I worked with Professor Haibao Tang who was part of the Plant Genomics and Biotechnology Center. In his lab I learned to program in python and write code for new types of analyses of plant genomics data. Two of the tools I helped write were later published, and I also helped to assemble and annotate the pineapple genome while I was a graduate student there. After I finished my masters, I came to the Schnable lab at UNL in 2016 as a PhD student. In this lab, I have gotten to work with people in the engineering, statistics, and computer science departments as I try to develop and apply plant phenomics, quantitative genetics, and machine learning based tools to link crop genotype and phenotype in maize and sorghum. I've worked on optimizing genome-wide association studies for important agronomic traits with different genetic architectures, training machine learning models to measure morphological traits of stalks, leaves, and reproductive organs in corn and sorghum images, as well as developing new statistical models to identify genes controlling differences in the pattern of phenotypic change over time. After I graduate, I want to continue working with both statistical and machine learning related approaches to connect genotype and phenotype.

Fellowships/Awards Received

  • Widaman Distinguished Graduate Fellowship 2020
  • PSI-CROPS Travel Grant 2019
  • Poster Contest Winner at the Nebraska Plant Science Symposium 2019