Erin Carr, Graduate Student

Program Information:

Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Starting Year:


Contact Info:

Career Path:

Academics, Primarily research

Prior Degrees Earned:

Bachelors of Science - Integrative Environmental Plant Biology - University of South Florida - 2013

Portrait of Erin Carr

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Joshua Herr and Dr. Steven Harris

Research Description:

My research focuses on understanding microbial interactions within extreme xeric environments. I study the microbiome and interactions between fungi, bacteria, and algae in Canadian Biological soil crusts systems. These microbial consortia rely on nutrient exchanges between each other in order to obtain essential nutrients such as Carbon and Nitrogen sources. Interactions such as this are found across many microbial-symbiotic systems such as lichens, mycorrhizal fungi, corals, shipworms, and other complex microbial biofilms. Understanding which taxa are present in a Biological soil crust, and what biochemical processes are occurring within these symbioses will allow us to comprehend how these microbes can grow in a nutrient-deplete system.

I love everything about Science, learning new things, discovering how our planet works, and using these discoveries to help improve our world is something I am passionate about. I enjoy playing video games, knitting, and gardening at home to feed my fur baby pet rabbit Mr. Bun.