Guangchao Sun

Guangchao Sun, Postdoctoral Researcher

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Career Path:

Academics, Balanced research and teaching

Prior Degrees Earned:

B.S, Plant Protection, Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, 2009-2013
Ph.D, Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska Lincoln, 2013-2017

Fellowships/Awards Received:
PSI-CROPS Travel Awards, April 2019;
China Scholar Council Scholarship, August 2013-August 2017;
Milton E. Mohr Fellowship, August 2016-May 2017 ;
Poster award in Plant Science Retreat, October 2016;
David H. & Anne E. Larrick Memorial Student Travel Funds, July 2016 ;
Widaman Trust Distinguished Graduate Assistant Award, September 2015-May 2016.

Portrait of Guangchao Sun

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. James Schnable

Research Description:

Perform RNAseq data and comparative genomcis analysis to give insights on how transcriptomes and phenotypes were regulated by the variations of genomics of plants.

Explore how domesticated crops and their wild relatives differ in biotic and abiotic stress responses since wild relatives tend to exhibit a unique and relatively wide spectrum of resilience to environmental stresses. Investigation into the genetic and molecular basis of the resilience retained/evolved in crop wild relatives can provide valuable insights on their evolution and future breeding.

A father who loves running, fishing, music and unrestrained thinking.
I feel really lucky that I am doing what I am doing, research really brings all the flavors of my life.