Katarzyna Glowacka

Portrait of Katarzyna Glowacka

Katarzyna Glowacka

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Crop Abiotic Stress Resistance

(402) 472-2923

Glowacka Lab
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The long-term research goal of the Glowacka Lab is to increase the resiliency of crops to climate change by improving water use efficiency and tolerance to chilling temperatures. Researchers are interested in identifying new genetic sources and molecular mechanisms associated with stomata behavior and chilling-tolerant photosynthesis. These aims are achieved by combining the study of natural genetic variation with plant physiology and applying synthetic biology. Research scales from the level of the gene to the cell and from the leaf to the whole plant and its performance in the field. The Lab employs a broad variety of approaches, including bioinformatics, breeding, genome modification, gene editing, confocal microscopy, imaging of chlorophyll fluorescence, biochemical assays and various physiological tools, with an emphasis on photosynthetic gas exchange analysis.

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Research Keywords

Abiotic Stress, Photosynthesis, Plants