Rachel Koch, Postdoctoral Researcher

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Career Path:

Academics, Balanced research and teaching

Prior Degrees Earned:

Ph.D. Botany and Plant Pathology. Purdue University, IN, 2017
B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, IN, 2011

Fellowships/Awards Received:

National Geographic Society Exploration Grant-2019 Mycological Society of America Postdoc Forest/Fungal Ecology Award-2018 Mycological Society of America Graduate Student Fellowship-2015 National Science Foundation Population and Community Ecology Doctora

Portrait of Rachel Koch

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Joshua Herr

Research Description:

My research focuses on understanding how fungi interact with other organisms—from bacteria, insects, birds and plants—and how these interactions affect the evolution of fungi. I use a combination of field studies, lab studies, and bioinformatics analyses in my work. One particular project I am excited about is understanding how bacterial communities associated with macroscopic fungi are structured, and how they may contribute to fungal fitness.

I enjoy hiking and exploring the state parks of Nebraska with my husband and corgi, collecting mushrooms along the way! I also love baking and keeping up on current events!