Semra Palali Delen

Semra Palali Delen, Graduate Student

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Industry, primarily research

Prior Degrees Earned:

Bachelor Degree - Field Crops - 2010 - 2014

Semra Palali Delen

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Jinliang Yang

Research Description:

The effects of purifying selection on maize quality traits such as the compositions of micronutrients especially under different nitrogen conditions. We hypothesized that beneficial alleles for micronutrients might have been selected against unintentionally, likely due to the hitchhiking effect if they are in linkage disequilibrium with the deleterious alleles. To address this hypothesis, we conducted large-scale field experiments using the maize diversity panel under two nitrogen conditions (N+ and N-) with two replications. We collected micronutrients and other phenotypic traits using high- throughput phenotyping approaches. Then, we performed genome-wide complex trait Bayesian analysis to estimate parameters of genetic architectures using genome-wide SNPs including putative deleterious SNPs. Results from this study will help in understanding the purifying selection for deleterious alleles and their effects on micronutrients, and eventually for maize improvement.