Vision and Mission


Improve Nebraska and global well‐being through innovative plant science research and education.


The mission of the Center for Plant Science Innovation is to:

  1. enable innovative plant biology research,
  2. facilitate the translation of basic discoveries into applied technologies that improve crop productivity and quality,
  3. foster a collaborative environment that bridges unit, department, campus, state, and national boundaries,
  4. promote scientific education and professional development of students, staff, and post‐doctoral scientists, and
  5. improve public understanding of modern plant science research and its societal importance.

Core Values

The Core Values of PSI are:

  1. To strive for excellence in individual and team research.
  2. To stimulate and support innovation and creativity.
  3. To work with professional integrity and mutual respect.
  4. To foster collaboration within and outside PSI.

Strategic Plan

Download the current Strategic Plan