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Chimpanzee Warfare Natural?

  • Summary of Nature article on new findings of chimp warfare here
  • Better summary of the above by Joan Silk here
  • Response by Ferguson here

Oldest War Re-examined  the killings at Jebel Sahaba.  Unfortunately, whoever wrote the title called it a "Race War" even there is not evidence for this.  Aside from that, recommended reading: click here


Second New York Times book review of Noble Savages

Charles Mann's review of Noble Savages in the WSJ

Profile of Napoleon Chagnon in the New York Times Sunday Magazine

Diamond's The World Before Yesterday called wrong about war

The Afghan army and the Taliban

Giant Viking Warship: a troop carrier for 100 warriors

Human Hand Evolved for Punching

Ancient Minoans: not so peaceful

More on the Minoans above



"Killer Instincts": a review of evolutionary theories of homicide and war in the journal Nature

More Evidence of Chimpanzee Infanticide (14 May 2007)

Massacre of Maya Leaders a Collection of Stories

Mass Graves Reveal Massacre of Maya Royalty National Geographic News (11/17/05)