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Saving Money: Groupon

Groupon is an app that lets you buy meals, services, and goods at discounted prices

Saving Money: Living Social

Living Social is an app like Groupon that lets you buy meals, services, and goods at discounted prices

Organization/Budgeting: Mint

The can't-live-without-it way to keep track of your finances. Track your spending, debt levels, and create financial goals. No wonder it'sbeen named Best Finance App by the 1st Annual App Awards and TIME Magazine's 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011.

Saving Money: Thrift Buddy

Whether you love antique shopping, or finding deals at your local yard sale or thrift store, ThriftBuddy is the ultimate app for you. With 10,000 + locations listed in the United States, it's the most comprehensive and exhaustive collection of thrifty spots you can find.

Saving Money: Campus Special

The same great coupon book that's used by millions of college students every year at schools across the country, but now it's always with you right on your phone. Get the hottest discounts, deals and coupons for places around UNL.

Saving Money: GasBuddy

With gas prices increasing every single day, this app can save you a pretty penny. It gives you a list of the gas stations near you, the price per gallon, and directions to the station.

Saving Money: Grocery iQ

You can scan the barcodes of the groceries you want and Grocery iQ will generate a list of the exact items. It will even categorize them by food group and show you what coupons are available.

Saving Money: TheFind

Scan a barcode and TheFind will locate the best prices online and at retailers in your area -- plus show if there are coupons available.

Estimating Tax Refund: TaxCaster Mobile

This app estimates exactly how big of a check you'll get from Uncle Sam. You enter basic information, including your income and deductions, and the app will calculate your refund -- or, sadly, the taxes you might owe. The app is good outside of tax season, too. If you take a new job or buy a house, you can find out how your refund will be affected.

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