Savvy Husker Guide to Money

Know These Money Commandments

During our last 3 years at UNL, we have identified basic financial principles our students do not know. Ignorance of these principles hinders students from reaching their life goals, and living the lives they dream of and deserve.

Therefore, we are starting a list of the basic financial principles our students need to understand. We will add more items to this list as we continue to engage with students and understand the financial knowledge they lack.

  • You have to put in some effort in order to build a good relationship with money.

  • Even while in college, you constantly need to be proactive about your financial future, in order to be on the path to a successful financial future.

  • You need to view debt as a tool, not a crutch. In general, while in college you must strive to keep debt as low as possible in order to ensure you have a nice standard of living when you graduate.

  • Know that everyone can invest. Investing is not as complicated a process as most people think. In order to be able to enjoy yourself when you retire, you must start investing as soon as you can.

  • You must be proactive about saving money.

  • You must protect your money.

Bonus: Understanding Personal Finance

  • What is personal finance?
  • What are the building blocks to achieving personal financial success?
  • Does the economy affect my personal financial success?
  • How can I think like an economist when making financial decisions?
  • What is perhaps the single most important concept in personal finance?

Basic Financial Planning

  • SMMC Best Tips for Basic Financial Planning

Building Wealth

  • SMMC Best Tips for Building Wealth
  • What are my saving and investing options?

Managing Financial Aid

  • SMMC Best Tips for Managing Financial Aid
  • Answers to student loan FAQs
  • Are there certain types of financial aid I should take out before others?
  • What are the disadvantages to private loans?

Using Credit

  • SMMC Top Credit Tips
  • What exactly is credit?
  • Should I use a credit card?
  • Are there disadvantages to credit use?
  • What is a credit score?
  • What can I do to ensure I manage credit wisely & create a good credit score?
  • What should I look for in a good credit card?
  • Are there other ways students can build credit besides having a credit card?
  • Where can I check my credit score? What if I find out there's a mistake on my credit report?
  • What if I check my score and it's really low?
  • What if I get into credit trouble?

Planning for After College Financial Life

  • SMMC Best Tips for Planning for Your After College Financial Life

Tips Especially for Freshmen

  • SMMC Best Money Tips for Freshmen

UNL Student Money FAQs

  • Overspending
    When I'm shopping, I always seem to end up buying a lot of stuff I don't need. How do I stop overspending?
  • Unexpected Expenses
    I got a speeding ticket. How do I handle this unexpected expense?
  • Financial Aid
    Tuition is so expensive. How do I find more money to pay for tuition?
  • Credit Cards
    Should I get a credit card?
  • Jobs and Clubs
    Is it worth it to be in clubs or Greek houses? How about employment - is it really worth it or should I concentrate on my classes?
  • Moving Off Campus
    Is moving off campus really cheaper?
  • Emergency Funds
    I have started an emergency fund and put $50 into it each month, but how do I know when to stop? How much is enough?
  • Investing
    I hear a lot about the stock market and investing. How do I know if it's the right time for me to invest? Should I worry about it at all?
  • Fun Money
    All of my friends are going to these great concerts and places for Fall Break, but I'm not sure if I can afford to go with them. Is it possible to have both a plan for my money and money for entertainment?
  • Free Money
    I would love to find some free money for school. Where can I find scholarships?
  • Internships
    Is it really worth it to have an internship?

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