Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Student Money Management is committed to encouraging students to take responsibility for their financial futures by creating and upholding a culture of financial empowerment among the student body through financial education.

Our Vision

Students have confidence in their financial futures and are able to meet their financial goals.

Our Values


How We Impact Our Students' Financial Futures

Taking advantage of Student Money Management services by participating in a one-on-one money coaching session, learning from the financial education resources on this website, or attending a skill-building workshop or event, will positively impact your current and future financial well-being.

Short Term Benefits

  • Knowledge
    Have a better understanding of how to manage your finances
  • Practical Skills
    Learn the skills to help you reduce debt and increase savings
  • Confidence
    Become confident that you can successfully manage your finances
  • Emotional Well-Being
    Reduce worry and stress about your financial situation

Long Term Benefits

  • Knowledge
    Understand your financial world and be able to make good financial choices
  • Practical Skills
    Know how to manage credit and debt successfully
  • Confidence
    Become confident in managing your finances by relying on your healthy financial behaviors
  • Financial & Emotional Well-Being
    Students are able to be financially successful throughout their lives by using their knowledge and skills to make responsible financial decisions