On-Campus Savings Tips

















We polled current and past UNL students to find out the best ways to save money while in school. We narrowed down the results to give you the best savings tips!

Invest in a Water Bottle
When you’re thirsty on campus, carry a refillable water bottle to avoid spending money on expensive drinks!

Watch Out for Parking Tickets!
Always keep spare change for parking meters! Avoiding a parking ticket on campus can save you $10!

Easy, Cheap Decorating Tip
Be creative! Recycle old magazine pages to use as wall decorations or parts of homemade greeting cards!

Make Some Money While Getting Rid of Old Stuff
Do some fall/spring cleaning! There are many consignment stores around Lincoln that will sell gently worn clothes for you, and you get a share of the sale! An example is the Black Market.

Give Those Books Back!
Sell back textbooks early at the end of the semester! You often get more money!

Time Your Drive
If driving somewhere, avoid rush hour Lincoln traffic. You can get to places faster and save more on gas!

Get Creative!
Reuse office supplies! Post-it notes can be used as binder dividers, and binder clips can be used as a bookmark!

Don't Be a Shopaholic
When going shopping, make a list and stick with it! This helps you to avoid spontaneous purchases of things you don’t need!

The Husker Date Night
Skip the expensive movie theater and rent movies for free at the UNL Libraries!

Get Coupon Crazy!
Grab a free copy of the Sunday newspaper at Neihardt! Clip out coupons that are worth more than $0.50 for things you regularly use!

Party on a Budget
Make sure you have an entertainment budget for each week that you can stick to! Having a set amount helps you to avoid unnecessary outings and stay under budget!

Help the Earth....and Your Wallet!
Have a printer and need ink? Save your ink cartridges to be refilled! It costs less than half the price of buying a new one.

Three Words - Brown Bag It!
Avoid vending machines with their overpriced items! Pack a brown-bag lunch to eat between classes. It saves money and is healthier for you!

Dinner Date at Lunch
Eating out? Try going out for lunch rather than dinner. More often, you can get the same entrees for a lower price!

Stay Away from the Evil ATM!
Don’t keep too much cash on hand; it’s too easy to spend and not keep track of! $30 is about the right amount.

Being a Husker Saves You Money!
Keep your Ncard with you! Many businesses around Lincoln give discounts for students! You only have to ask.