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Student Money Management is now a part of Big Red Resilience & Well-Being. We’ve relocated to a new home at the University Health Center, room 127.

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Save Money on Things You Already Buy

Husker ABCs of Saving Money
Groupon Provides great local deals on a variety of products and services.
Lincoln Journal Star Today's Deal Provides great local deals on a variety of products and services.
Living Social Provides great local deals on a variety of products and services.

Avoid UNL Money Potholes

Be proactive about choosing a major that's right for you. It's normal to change your major 1 or 2 times, but if you change it 7 times, you'll be wasting money on unnecessary classes. Tools to Help You:
Career Services
Dropping a course after the refund date. Utilize the UNL academic calendar to prevent this. Tools to Help You:
Academic Calendar
Not getting the best textbook prices. Buy used books or rent your books. Tools to Help You:
University Bookstore Textbook Rental
Not meeting satisfactory academic progress. You could lose your financial aid and scholarships. Tools to Help You:
Tutoring Services
Racking up parking tickets. Know when and where you can park. Tools to Help You:
Parking Services Maps
Repeating a class. Having to take a class twice is a waste of your time and money. Tools to Help You:
Tutoring Services
Student bill late fees. It's easy - pay your bill on time. Tools to Help You:
Student Billing Cycle

Use Free Campus Services

Be a Money Guru All UNL Student Money Management Center services including free money coaching sessions and skill-building workshops.
Don't Waste Money on Gas Rides on campus and in the community on Star Tran buses.
Forget Best Buy Love Library has digital cameras, camcorders, projectors, external hard drives, and microphones for students to check out.
Get Paid On-campus employment job bank through Career Services. Free interview preparation. Free resume & cover letter review.
Have Fun Free or reduced price events from the University Program Council.
See Broadway for Less Discounted ticket prices at the Lied Center. Performances include Broadway plays, concerts, and more.
Show Your Husker Pride Free admission to some on-campus athletic events, including women's basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and more.
Stay Active Working out and swimming at the Campus Rec Center. One free climb per semester up the Climbing Wall.
Stay Healthy Free and confidential on-line health screenings for six mental health concerns. Subsidized counseling rates from Counseling & Psychological Services.
Stay Out of Trouble Legal advice through Student Legal Services.

Top On-Campus Money Saving Tips

Invest in a Water Bottle When you're thirsty on campus, carry a refillable water bottle to avoid spending money on expensive drinks!
Watch Out for Parking Tickets Always keep spare change for parking meters! Avoiding a parking ticket on campus can save you $25!
A Husker Date Night Skip the expensive movie theater and attend a free on-campus event.
Use Coupons Grab a free copy of the Sunday newspaper and clip out coupons that are worth more than $0.50 for things you regularly use!
Have an Entertainment Budget Make sure you have an entertainment budget for each week that you can stick to! Having a set amount helps you to avoid unnecessary outings and stay under budget!