UNL Scholarships

  • UNL Undergraduate Scholarships
    Beginning in November, enrolled students should apply for scholarships through the online Scholarship Application for Current Undergraduate Students. This application must be submitted by February 1st. To apply, log into MyRED and select the Scholarship Application for Current Undergraduate Students. The awarding of scholarships to current undergraduate students is based on one or several of the following criteria: cumulative grade point average, financial need, and a resume of activities.

  • Transfer Scholarships
    For full scholarship consideration, resident transfer students must complete and submit an Admissions Application, Personal Statement, and any additional supporting documentation to the UNL Office of Admissions by March 1st for students beginning in the fall semester and October 1st for students beginning in the spring semester.

  • Private Scholarships
    Throughout the year the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid receives information from private donors regarding scholarship programs available.

  • ROTC Scholarships
    ROTC Scholarships from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible students. Depending on the military service, special scholarships are reserved for engineering, business, physical science, social science, and nursing students. ROTC scholarships pay for tuition, most books, and fees. They also pay the student a monthly stipend during each academic year the award is in effect.