Need help with your taxes? Contact the Center for Civic Engagement!

The UNL Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Center is organized by the Center for Civic Engagement

UNL VITA website:

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Qualified students and community members can have their tax return prepared AT NO CHARGE by qualified student and community volunteers.

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What Most UNL Students Need When They Get Their Taxes Done
  • W-2 Forms: Wages & Taxes Paid Statements
    The form your employer must send to you at the end of the year. Shows annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from paychecks.

  • Form 1099-INT: Interest Income Statement
    Interest income from checking accounts, savings accounts, and other financial tools reported by a bank or other financial institution.

  • Form 1098-T: Tuition Payments Statement
    Includes Proof of Scholarships & Grants. For the education tax credits. On MyRed.

  • Proof of Textbook Purchases
    For educational tax credits.

  • Social Security Card: To prove your identity.

Things to Remember:
  • Some Scholarships are Taxable
    If scholarships are used for room & board, you will have a tax bill in April. Save some money to pay it!

  • If Your Employer Hires You as an Independent Contractor, You Will Pay Self-Employment Tax

  • Take Advantage of Education Tax Credits
    The American Opportunity Credit is an education credit you can subtract in full from the federal income tax you owe. Education tax credits can help offset the costs of education.