Workshops FAQs

What exactly do your workshops involve?

SMM workshops are PowerPoint presentations presented by one or more SMM representatives. There are many topics available for workshops. We may also include games, activities, or handouts depending on the workshop topic/s and the size of the group.

How much do workshops cost?

Workshops are always FREE!

Where & when are workshops held?

We can almost always present workshops on the day/time that works best for you. Please contact us to check our availability. Workshops are usually held in the room, building, meeting place, etc. that the group usually meets.

Who gives workshops?

Workshops are given by SMM representatives.

What do we have to provide to SMM?

Please provide the following information if possible, when contacting us to present a workshop:

  • Preferred day and time you would like us to present a workshop
  • Location (building & room number) where the workshop will be held
  • Number of students or estimate of how many students will attend the workshop
  • Preferred workshop topic/s you would like us to present

How many workshops can one group schedule during a semester?

You can schedule as many workshops as you like.

Is there a min/max for the audience?

Group size isn't an issue. We will present to both big and small groups.