Arranging Test Accommodations


Students who are registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) and who are eligible for test accommodations are instructed to make an appointment with each of their instructors and share copies of their accommodation plan. The plan lists the types of accommodations that are approved for the classroom and testing. While meeting with the student, faculty complete the online Instructor Exam Proctor Form that identifies where and how the student will receive their accommodations.

  1. On the bottom of the accommodation plan, you will see two URL addresses, one for paper exams and one for online exams. Use the link address for the type of exams/quizzes you will be giving.
  2. Complete the “Power Form Signer Information” page and select “Begin Signing.”
  3. Complete all fields on the SSD Instructor Exam Proctor Form and select “Submit.”  The SSD Testing Center, the student and you will receive an email copy of the form.

For exams/quizzes proctored at the SSD Testing Center, instructors will need to deliver or email exams/quizzes at least 24 hours prior to test dates.


Delivery:  SSD Testing Center, 116 Louise Pound Hall


If you have questions please call (402) 472-3730. Thank you for your assistance.