Steps to Register with SSD

Sample Image of a Checklist

1.   Complete the SSD Application for Services. (
        If you have a UNL/Husker email address please use it, otherwise your personal email address will work temporarily.

2.   Provide documentation of your disability by having your healthcare provider complete the appropriate verification form listed below. Documentation may be e-mailed (
       Note: Photos of diagnostic information are not accepted. If you don't have access to a scanner, please scan your documentation using an app such as Adobe Scan or Genius.

If your disability is not represented in the list above, please provide a letter from a licensed healthcare provider that includes:

  • the diagnosed condition(s),
  • the treatment being provided, and
  • a description of how the disability impacts you in an education setting.

3.   Once the SSD office has received your Application for Services and your documentation, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

4.   Your appointment with a disability specialist is an interactive process that includes reviewing documentation, discussing potential barriers, and determining eligibility for reasonable accommodations.