Students who have completed their registration with SSD are instructed to meet with their instructors (in person, zoom, etc.) each semester.  Plans take effect when you share them with your professors. Once you have received a copy of your accommodation plan, your next steps are:

  1. Email your professor/instructor to request a meeting. Attach a copy of your Accommodation Plan.  (See sample on this page.)
  2. When you meet, discuss the accommodations you plan to use in their course.

If you need another copy of your plan or have questions, email SSD at or call 402-472-3787.

Sample Template for Emailing Professors/Instructors

Subject line: Request to meet

Dear [Instructor name],

My name is _________ and I am enrolled in your course _________[e.g., CHEM 100-002]. I am registered with the office of Services for Students with Disabilities and would like to discuss my accommodations with you.

A copy of my accommodation plan is attached. Please let me know a convenient time when we can meet.

Looking forward to your response.


[Your name and NU ID number]