Test Accommodation Request Form



1. Complete and print the Test Accommodation Request form on the SSD website.

2. Deliver the request form to the SSD office. The SSD staff will give you an Exam Proctor Form for each class that you’re requesting test accommodations.

3. Schedule a time to meet with your instructors. 

4. Take an Exam Proctor Form to each instructor. The form should be completed by the instructor while you are meeting. Be sure to discuss any scheduling conflicts at that time. (For example, if you have back to back classes, you may need to take exams for the first class at an earlier or later time so you don’t miss your second class. The instructor will have to discuss an optional time with you and write it on the form.)

5. Return the completed Exam Proctor Forms to the SSD office for exams to be arranged.

6. If the instructor is having you take your exams in the SSD office, our staff will schedule your exams. (No need to call!)

The Exam Proctor Forms must be delivered 
to the SSD office at least 5 business days prior to your exams.

If you are requesting test accommodations for FINAL EXAMS ONLY, the Exam Proctor Form(s) must be returned 10 business days prior to the FIRST day of finals week.

Click Here to go to test accommodation request form