Nebraska Summer Research Symposium

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Summer Research Symposium TBA — Nebraska Union

The Nebraska Summer Research Program Symposium is an opportunity for scholars to present their research to their peers and campus community members. 

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Undergraduate scholars from the following programs will present posters:

Other Programs

  • John Woollam Scholars, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

The John Woollam Foundation supports MME undergraduate student research. Professor John A. Woollam, George Holmes Distinguished University Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is interested in supporting MME  undergraduate students to conduct research in MME professors’ laboratories and get them motivated to pursue graduate studies. Approximately 20 MME undergraduate students are supported each year to do research for about 10 hours per week during the academic year, and full time during the summer. Students are compensated for their work at $14/hour. An overwhelming percentage (~ 75%) of the John Woollam Scholars are pursuing graduate studies either at UNL or other US universities, which has been the major goal of professor Woollam.

 For more information about the program please contact professor George Gogos (