Thai Association of University of Nebraska (TANU) was founded by a group of Thai students and became one of UNL recognized student associations in 1999. It was well established as instructed by ASUN. All members of TANU, besides helping ones out (as time allows), have shared and presented Thai culture to the Midwest communities and the university by organizing our own activities such as the Songkran Festival's Celebration in April 2001 and the Thai Night in April 2004. It also joins the Office of International Affairs (IA) and other associations or organizations, both on and off-campus every semester, with exhibitions, presentations, and performances by our members and those invited talents (Enid Newman, Nisha Holey, Monica Angeletti, Muenprae Ratanadit, Junior Ratanadit, Jamin Dispanya, among others). Those Thais from Lincoln community have also provided TANU strong support to many successful events and Thai students.

In Spring 2005, TANU members, together with friends of Thai students, donated and raised more than $1,000 to help those victims and survivors of the tsunami disaster in December 2004. The sum was sent to the Royal Thai Consulate in Chicago. In addition, Anchala/Angela Pochanasomburana, a member of TANU, performed a traditional Thai dance at the Asian Cultural Center's fundraising event for the Red Cross's tsunami relief fund. Lastly, TANU helped UNL International Student Organization (ISO) and its Tsunami Relief Effort (TRE) Special Interest Group raised more than $3,000 for the UNICEF's tsunami relief fund.

In 2010, TANU had done a funraising to help the flooding victims in Thailand by donating $600 to the Thai Red Cross (through The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington DC). And, again, in the same year, we, together among Thai Students, donated another $80 to "Japan Tsunami Relief Fund" account (Organized by the Global Friends of Japan at UNL) for the victim from Tsunami.

In 2011, TANU Committees had agreed on doing another fundrasing and finally added up with some donation to the total amount of $1,000 to the Thai Red Cross to help the victims from the tragic flooding disaster in Thailand.

Not only Thai, but also the friends we have. In 2015, after the tragic earthquake in Nepal, TANU Committee had unhesitatingly agreed to donate $500 to the fundrasing of the Nepalese Student Association (NSA) at the UNL for helping the victims to recover from the earthquake disaster.

TANU is the best friend of Thai students at UNL, especially those new students, and the best representative of our beloved country. And finally thanks to all of your supports.

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