1. Get yourself settled in an apartment or a housingof your choice.
    • If you live off-campus and would like to have a local telephone land line, you will need to contact Alltel (1-800-501-1754, alltel.com) or Time Warner Cable (402-421-0300, timewarnercable.com/nebraska/).
    • If you prefer a cell phone, then the university has some good deals with Alltel, Cellular One, and Sprint. You can purchase a phone and a plan at the technology store at the union (lower level, on you right). You can also check out deals from other companies.
    • If you want a cable TV, then contact Time Warner Cable (402-421-0300, timewarnercable.com/nebraska/).
    • If your landlord requires you to activate your electricity and/or gas, you will need to contact Lincoln Electric System, LES (402-475-4211, les.com).
    • For high speed internet access, contact Time Warner Cable (402-421-0300, timewarnercable.com/nebraska/) or Alltel DSL (1-800-501-1754, alltel.com).
  2. If you will live in a dormitory on-campus, you will need to contact the University Housing Office (402-472-3561, 1-800-742.8800, housing@unl.edu, www.unl.edu/housing/) prior to your departure from Thailand in order to find out about your assigned room or hall and to inform the office of your arrival or checking into your room. Remember if you arrive at UNL before the Housing's regular check in, you will need to pay extra for your stay in the room. You cannot pay at the hall's front desk, but the Housing will put the charges in your consolidated bill, together with your tuition fee and other fees you will have to pay. Contact us if you need any assistance.
  3. Open your bank account. You need to show, at least, your passport to the bank officer for verification. Some banks in Lincoln may ask for your Social Security Number (if you have one) and will not give you a service if you don't. But the one on campus is good at working with international students. They will offer their service even though you have only UNL's ID number (starting with 99…).
  4. Visit your departmental graduate chair or adviser for courses you need to enroll.
  5. Actively participate in the five-day orientation for all new international students at UNL organized by International Affairs (IA) Office (www.unl.edu/iaffairs/). Check the web site for a tentative orientation program.
  6. Prepare yourself for a UNL's English Placement Test offered to new international students whose native language is not English. Normally, it is offered in the afternoon of the first day of the orientation. Check with your department. For undergraduate students, you will need to take the Math Placement Test, too.
  7. Before checking in at IA on the first day of the orientation try to complete the International Student/Scholar Data Form (pdf) on a computer as much as you can before printing it out and bring this form along with your passport, I-94 card (sample: page 1, page 2, pdf) (normally distributed on the airplane to the US or at the port of entry, the immigration officer will staple the bottom part of the form, Departure Record, to your passport), and your I-20 or DS Form to IA when checking in on the first day of the orientation. If you can make a photo-copy of your passport and visa page beforehand and bring the copies with you to the Check-In at IA, it will help speed the process at IA.
  8. Read the HELLO Handbook which you will receive when checking in at IA on the first day of the orientation.
  9. Apply to be a part of the Thai Association of University of Nebraska (TANU) and pay $5 member fee. Send in your application and the fee to TANU Treasurer.
  10. Attend a party to be held during the first month of each semester, and meet other Thai students at UNL.
  11. Have enough rest, and get ready for your first semester at UNL.