Q: Should I bring along a computer from Thailand?
A: It's up to you. But if you decide not to bring along a computer from Thailand, you can find a good deal for computer from several stores in Lincoln (e.g., BestBuy, Circuit City, Office Depot) or from the internet.

Q: Should I bring along winter clothes from Thailand?
A: Nope! You'd better buy them here. However, you should bring along a light jacket, or a sweater to be used for the first couple weeks.

Q: What should I bring along with me to Lincoln?
A: Lincoln has several Asian grocery stores so it's not difficult to get Thai products. Here are items youshould bring with you.

  • Thai food ingredients, instant noodles, and spices such as curry pastes. (If you have spaces in your luggages)
  • A bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, a towel, forks and spoons, a pair of sandals, socks, a flat bed sheet, a pillow case, a thin blanket, a first aid kit, and your favorite snacks such as candies.
  • Souvenirs from local Thailand (your gifts in many occasions) and Thailand's greeting cards.
  • A Thai National costume (from regular Mor-Hom to a fancy clothing)
  • A musical instrument for your talent show (if any)
  • An English-Thai dictionary (or a talking-dictionary). Or maybe a Mobile Application.
  • Some cash (about $200-$500 of various types of notes), besides a cashier check or traveler's check
  • A Thai magazine or novel of your choice (to pass your first boring time)
  • Some of your entertainments e.g. CDs of movies or music (if you prefer)

Q: What type of vaccination should I take?
A: Look at the medical records form sent to you together with admissions document from UNL, as a guideline. Here is the sample of the form (pdf).

Q: What should I do if I have some academic questions?
A: For undergraduate program, contact undergraduate admissions (402-472-2023, admissions.unl.edu). For graduate program, contact your academic adviser or a graduate chair at the department you have been admitted into.

Q: Who should I contact if I am a transfer student from another U.S. university/college?
A: Contact an international student adviser at the Office of International Affairs (402-472-5358, isss@unl.edu, www.unl.edu/iaffairs/).

Q: Is there a language program available at UNL since I need to improve my English skills before my study program starts?
A: Yes, there are many sessions available all year round at UNL. Contact the Programs in English as a Second Language (PIESL) (402-472-1884, esl2@unl.edu, www.unl.edu/piesl/).

Q: Is there a Thai grocery store in Lincoln?
A: Yes, there is Oriental Market run by Thai owners (on 27th and T St., 402-475-0556).

Q: If I don't know anyone or have any friends in Lincoln, who should I turn to for some assistance?
A: You should contact one of Thai student association's executive members or send an e-mail to the association at "Contact Us". You will hear from one of them, then. The association is established in order to assist you and other new students from Thailand while getting themselves settled in a new environment.

Q: What is a Thai student community at UNL like?
A: Go to "Directory" web page for details.