Private Industry Collaboration

Robotic positioning mechanism designed by Dr. Terry.

Partnerships between the IBL and private industry are mutually beneficial working relationships. Well-suited projects are typically mid- to long-term (lasting one to three years) and require an equivalent number of person-years to complete. Typically the industry partner covers the cost of the student Research Assistant(s) assigned to the project as well as special supplies or equipment that may be needed. Shorter projects will also be considered. Biomedical-related projects that require significant analytical, computational, or experimental work are especially well-suited for the IBL.

The benefits for the industry partner include low-cost, high-quality consulting work. The IBL Principal Investigator (PI) has significant industry research, development, and project management experience, so students will be mentored and closely monitored by the PI to help ensure a quality and timely work product is delivered. Another benefit is the potential for hiring the student either as a summer intern or full-time following graduation.
The benefit to the IBL is that these collaborative relationships allow us to provide relevant "real-world" industry experience to our students. After all, preparing students to be productive, high-quality engineers and researchers is a primary purpose of UNL's engineering graduate education.
Collaborating with private industry is one of the IBL's areas of expertise. This is due to Dr. Terry's significant engineering and research work experience. Following are selected industry projects in the which Dr. Terry has played a significant role (as a senior level engineer or project manager).

Private Industry Projects

Project Description Company Role
Ocular Anterior Segment Ultrasonic Scanning Robot   ArcScan, Inc.   Senior Mechanical Engineer
Rapid Bacterial Identificationion System   Accelr8 Technology Corporation   Mechanical Engineering Lead
Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip   Accelr8 Technology Corporation   Mechanical Engineering Lead
Vaccination Dermabrader   (undisclosed)   Mechanical Engineering Lead
Mid-Dilution Diafiltration module   Nephros, Inc.   Senior Software Engineer
Blood Pathogen Reduction System   TerumoBCT   Software Engineering Lead
Ocular Biometer and Pachymeter   Alcon, Inc.   Software Engineer