IL-12 expression during innate anti-viral immunity against Theiler’s Virus infection

Thomas M. Petro, PhD - Dept. Oral Biology - University of Nebraska Medical Center - College of Dentistry

There are large differences between SJL/J mice and B10.S mice in their innate IL-12 immune responses against Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV). This is significant because SJL/J mice develop an autoimmune encephalomyelitis within a month after TMEV infection while B10.S do not. This difference may relate to the expression of counteracting innate anti-viral immune responses in which Type I interferons suppress IL-12 expression in SJL/J mice preventing superior innate anti-viral immunity. The project will explore the mechanism for suppressed IL-12 responses and enhanced Type I interferon responses of SJL/J mice following TMEV infection.