Jan Edwards

25 Years of Service

I started working at UNL on November 8, 1988, in Political Science. My computer program was Volkswriter 3 (which no one seems to have heard of  now). I had exactly 3 weeks to learn it and start typing finals. I was at Poli Sci for 9 years.

I left in 1997 to work at Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic on East Campus. From there I moved to the Department of Architecture in 1999. In July 2002, I had a short stint at Career Services where I became very well acquainted with SAP and moved on to Institutional Research and Planning. After nine years at IRP, I again traveled over to East Campus to work for the Nebraska Center for Virology where I am today and hope to stay until retirement comes along.

I have always found that my favorite place to work is the one I am at when asked the question, which is a good thing. But one of the joys of working at the University for 25 years is the numbers of and quality of folks you get to know - through the various departments worked in, committees served on and acquaintances nurtured via phone contact and face to face. It has been a very good and enjoyable experience for me.