Yuannan Xia, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Center for Biotechnology
N164 Beadle Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-0665
Phone - 402.472.0998 (Office), 5453 (Lab)
Fax - 402.472.3139

Selected Recent Publications

1. LaRosa P.C, J. M. Riethoven, H. Chen, Y.  Xia, Y.  Zhou, M.  Chen, J. Miner, and M. E. Fromm.   Trans-10, Cis-12 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Activates the Integrated Stress Response in Adipocytes. Physilogical Genomics  31:544-553, 2007.

2. LaRosa P. C, J. Miner, Y. Xia, Y. Zhou, S. Kachman, and M.E. Fromm. Trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid causes inflammation and delipidation of white adipose tissue in mice: a microarray and histological analysis. Physiological Genomics 27:282-294, 2006.

3. Alvarez-Venegas R, M. Sadder, A. Hlavacka, F. Baluska, Y. Xia, G. Lu, A. Firsov, Gautam Sarath, Hideaki Moriyama, Joseph G. Dubrovsky, and Zoya Avramova . The Arabidopsis homolog of trithorax, ATX1, binds phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate, and the two regulate a common set of target genes.  PNAS 103: 6049-6054, 2006.

4. Alvarez-Venegas R, Y. Xia, G. Lu and Z. Avramova. Phosphoinositide 5-Phosphate and Phosphoinositide 4-Phosphate Trigger Distinct Specific Responses of Arabidopsis Genes; Genome-Wide Expression Analyses.  Plant Signaling & Behavior 1(3): 134-139, 2006.

5. Lu G, T. Nguyen, Y. Xia, M. Fromm.  AffyMiner: mining significant genes from Affymetrix microarray data. 2006.   BMC Bioinformatics. 7 (Suppl 4): S26, 2006.

6. Graziani S, Y. Xia, J.R. Gurnon, J.L.Van Etten , D. Leduc, S. Skouloubris, H. Myllykallio, U. Liebl. Functional analysis of FAD-dependent thymidylate synthase ThyX from Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus-1. J Biol Chem. 279(52):54340-7, 2004.

7. Heinrich, J., Y. Xia, P. Chadha-Mohanty, F.W. Wagner, E.H.Grotjan. Bioassay for growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) using a recombinant receptor and cAMP-responsive reporter system. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 150:65-72, 1999.

8. Zhang,Y., M. Nelson, J. Nietfeldt, Y. Xia, D. Burbank, S. RoRopp, and J. L. Van Etten. Chlorella virus NY-2A encodes at least 12 DNA endonuclease/methytransferase genes. Virology 240:366-375, 1998.

9. Jin, A., Y. Zhang, Y. Xia, E. Traylor, M. Nelson, and J. L. Van Etten. New restriction endonuclease CviRI cleaves DNA at TG/CA sequences. Nucleic Acids Res. 22:3928-3929, 1994.

10. Xia, Y., Y. Ling, P. Dobos, J. L. Van Etten, and P. J. Krell. Adenine DNA methyltransferase M.CviRI expression accelerates apoptosis in baculovirus-infected insect cells. Virology 196:817-824, 1993.

11. Stefan, C., Y. Xia, and J. L. Van Etten. Molecular cloning and characterization of the gene encoding the adenine methyltransferase, M.CviRI, from Chlorella virus XZ-6E. Nucleic Acids Res. 19:307-311. 1991.

12. Xia, Y., R. Morgan, I. Schildkraut, and J. L. Van Etten. A site-specific single strand endonuclease activity induced by NYs-1 virus infection of a Chlorella-like green alga. Nucleic Acids Res. 16:9477-9487, 1988.

US Patents

1. Xia, Yuannan. 2002 Plant containing a gene construct comprising a Chlorella virus promoter and a lac operator. US patent No: 6,395,965.

2 Xia, Yuannan. 2001. Chlorella virus promoters. US patent No: 6,316,224.

3. Heinrich, J., G.H.Edward, F.W. Wagner, Y.Xia. 2001. Bioassay for growth hormone releasing hormone. US patent No:6,221,617

4. Xia;Yuannan. 1998. Chlorella virus promoters. US patent No:5,846,774.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ph.D. Biological Sciences 1985

China University of Science &Technology
M.S. Virology 1982

Peking University
B.S. Biochemistry 1980

Professional Experience

2002 - present
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Biotechnology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln NE

1992 - 2002
Senior Research Scientist
Molecular Biology Group
Restoragen Inc. Lincoln NE

1989 – 1992
Research Associate
Department of Microbiology,
University of Guelph. Guelph Ontario

1987 – 1989
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Department of Biochemistry,
University of Laval. Quebec

1985 - 1987
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln NE

1982 - 1985
Research Assistant
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln