Career Possibilities
Career Possibilities

A versatile degree for people of action

The questions usually go something like this … “What are you going to study? What are you going to do with that major?”

We know that the outcome of any college commitment is key, so we help you build versatile skills that will make you marketable, hirable, and secure. We’ll help you discover your passion.

Your degree in Women’s & Gender Studies provides valuable interdisciplinary training, appealing to employers and higher education programs alike. With coursework and experiences such as working for human rights and justice, traveling abroad to gain new perspectives, or taking advantage of an internship in any number of industries, you will be prepared for anything. You could pursue positions as a counselor, social worker, health care professional, editor, or teacher. You could also pursue graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, or obtain a law or medical degree.

The real question is: Where will your curiosity move you?

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