Congrats to our Graduating WGS Majors, Minors, and LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minors

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April 29, 2020

We are excited to announce our May 2020 Graduating WGS & LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Students.

Graduating WGS Majors
Thea Bowzer, Julien Hoffman, Morgan Hunter, Celie Knudsen, Ashley Morrison, Astrid Ramsay, and Tytus Zink

Graduating WGS Minors
William Bruckner, Tanmayee Chengalasetty, Rachel Crable, Simone Droge, Alexis Grossnicklaus, Amanda Ilg, Isabelle Johnson, Kristine Konecky, Amanda Lofland, Taynen Mach, Emily Madsen, Madison Morrissette, Chandler Parks, Sara Perez, Kaylee Robinson, Madeleine Rodenbaugh, Faith Villamonte, and Sage Volk

Graduating LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minors
Rachel Crable, Jacob Piccini, Alexis Grossnicklaus, Morgan Hunter, Kaylee Robinson, Clark Ward, and Tytus Zink