Donna Woudenberg

Lecturer, Agriculture & Women's and Gender Studies Profile Image
Lecturer, Agriculture & Women's and Gender Studies Women's & Gender Studies
Donna has a strong interest in meteorology and climatology, a strong interest in sociology, psychology, and anthropology, and a strong interest in interdisciplinary research. Areas of research interest include: Human Interactions with the Environment; Perception of the Drought Hazard; Social Impacts of Drought; Social Impacts of Climate Variability and Climate Change; Bridging the Gap between Science and Decision-Making; Education and Outreach; Interdisciplinary Coursework and Research; Women's, Children's & Minority Issues as related to the Environment; and Global Sustainability and Equity. Donna teaches a course of her own design (Individual & Cultural Perspectives on the Environment) for the Environmental Studies Program, and currently teaches courses for the Women's & Gender Studies Program, as well. Donna is also involved in community education and outreach — particularly in the development of K-12 educational materials and in outreach materials/projects related to drought, Nebraska's water resources, and to climate, climate variability, and climate change at multiple levels.