Listed below are the courses students can choose from to complete a specialization or minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Course descriptions can be found in each department's pages in the Graduate Bulletin. With the approval of the Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Board, students may substitute courses not on this list. Each semester the Program will also publish a course description schedule with the current WGS course offerings.
Courses that Count Towards the WGS Graduate Specialization
Women’s and Gender Studies
WMNS 885 Feminist Theories, Feminists’ Perspectives
WMNS 891  Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies  (Graduate Students Only)
WMNS 892 Special Topics in Masculinities
WMNS 896 Independent Study in Women’s and Gender Studies  (up to 3 credits)
WMNS 897  Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies (Pass/No Pass only)
WMNS 898 Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

ANTH/WMNS 810 Gender: An Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 842 Human Variation
ANTH 876 Human Rights, Environment, and Development    

ARCH 581/881 Women in Design                                 

CLAS/WMNS 840 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

Communication Studies
COMM 850 Seminar in Gender and Communication

Children Youth and Families
CYAF 846 Addictions & Families
CYAF/WMNS 847 Working with GLBT Youth in Professional Contexts

ECON/WMNS 845 Gender, Economics and Social Provisioning          

Educational Psychology
EDPS 987 Developmental Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in Counseling

ENGL 801K LGBTQ Drama and Popular Culture (formerly, Gay and Lesbian Drama)  
*ENGL 813/913 Film
ENGL/WMNS 814 Women’s Literature
ENGL/WMNS 814B Modern & Contemporary Women Writers
*ENGL 830A Shakespeare
*ENGL/ETHN 845 Ethnic Literature
ENGL/WMNS 875A Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric of Women Writers
ENGL 914 Seminar in Women Writers

HIST/WMNS 802 Sexuality in 19th & 20th Century America
HIST/WMNS 841 Seminar in U.S. Women's and Gender History
HIST/WMNS 859 Women and Gender in African Societies
HIST/ETHN/WMNS 876A Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
HIST/WMNS 951 History of Women and Gender

LAW 686G Gender Issues in the Law
LAW 688G Sex-Based Discrimination
LAW 771G Gender Issues in the Law Seminar

Political Science
POLS 842 Civil Liberties: Freedom of Expression & Conviction
POLS 843 Civil Liberties: Issues of Fairness and Equality

PSYC/WMNS  821 Psychology of Gender
PSYC/EDPS/CYAF/SOC 871 Human Sexuality and Society              

SOCI/WMNS 890 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 907 Seminar in Sex and Gender

SPAN 870 Women Writers of Spanish America

Teacher Learning and Teacher Education
TEAC 840A Culture and Schooling: Gender
TEAC 840B Culture and Schooling: Gender and Science
TEAC 840D Special Topics: “Literacy, Gender and Ethnicity in Schools” (Raible); “Identities in  Transition: Family Diversity, Schooling, Culture, and Adoption”; “Language and Power" (Sarroub)
TEAC 921D Seminar in Literacy Studies: Language, Culture and Education (Sarroub)
TEAC 944B Seminar in Curriculum Studies: Curriculum as Gendered Text

Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design
TMFD 810/WMNS 810A Body, Dress and Identity (formerly, Socio-psychological Aspects of Clothing)
TMFD/WMNS 877 Gender and Material Culture

*Course must include a significant gender/sexuality component. Check with instructor prior to enrolling.

Special Topics and other Seminar Courses

In addition to the courses listed above, Special Topics or Seminar courses with the appropriate emphasis in a variety of departments may be used towards the specialization. In the past special topics or seminar courses in the departments of  French, Spanish, English, History, Sociology, Communication Studies, Psychology, Children Youth and Families, and Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design have been included.