LGBTQ / Sexuality Studies

LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies
LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies

At the heart of LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies is the recognition that sexuality is a category of difference all its own, one that bears as much intellectual scrutiny as race, class, and gender.

Our interdisciplinary program allows students to study diverse populations and communities whose voices have long been neglected, gain a wider perspective about current debates (such as same sex unions and reproductive rights), and study sexuality in all its varieties.

Degree Requirements and Courses

The minor is rigorous yet flexible, and students can choose from more than 18 courses from over ten disciplines. Our students often say that adding a minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies enriches their major field of study, giving them the focus, determination, and inspiration to pursue a career they love.

A minor requires 18 hours of course work, including WMNS 201: Introduction to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies and courses from a variety of disciplines.

LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minor Requirements   Courses

Internships and Involvement

We strongly encourage students to complete an internship at some point during their academic career. Previous students have found them an excellent way to find out what kind of work they might want to do after graduation, and to make connections with people in the community interested in working on LGBTQ/Sexuality issues.

Students can also join the student group, Spectrum, and get involved in UNL's LGBTQA+ Programs, Services & Resource Center.

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Visiting scholar Sarah Schulman meets with students.

Visiting scholar Sarah Schulman meets with students