WGS is no longer releasing newsletters. For past newsletters, see below. The last one was from Spring 2019. These newsletters covered program updates, events, faculty and student achievements, and other related information.

Spring 2019 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2018 Newsletter

No Limits 2019

WGS Welcomes New Core Faculty WGS Alumna Spotlight

WGS Colloquium Series Spring 2018 - "Medical Bondage and the Birth of Gynecology" Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens; A Roundtable Discussion "Picturing Gender in a Globalized World" panelists: Luis Rosa, José Angel Maldonado, & Isabel Velázquez; A Community Panel "Translating Women, Translating Feminism"  moderated by Professor Patrice McMahon; four panelists: Shams Al-Badry, Lacey Studnicka, Anna Spethman, and Isdihar Sheik.

WGS Colloquium Series Fall 2018: Roxane Gay; co-sponsered with UNL's Department of English and Creative Writing: The Reading Series; Jaclyn Friedman "How to Have Sex without Getting Hurt or Being a Jerk" co-sponsored with The Women's Center.

Spring 2019 Colloquium
Courses of Interest

Social Media & Website Upsdates

Faculty and Student Achievements

Graduates 2017-2018

Jacobs Wins UNL's First Carnegie Fellowship
WGS 2018 Scholarship and Award Winners

Spring 2018 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Academic Program Review 
WGS Welcomes New Core Faculty 
WGS Colloquim Series Spring 2017 - "Queering Families: The Postmodern Partnerships of Cisgender Women and Transgender Men" Dr. Carla Pfeffer  Navigating "Transmasculine Life at UNL: A Brownbag Conversation Featuring Current and Former Students"

Gender, Fashion & the Media Fall 2017 Joint Colloquia Series - Between Allah And Me (And Everyone Else) Film Screen and Discussion 
"The Rise of Pop Culture Porn Chic: Media, Fashion, and Emerging Paths to gender Justice on a College Campus" Professor Annette Lynch 
"Gender, Appearance & Representation: A Roundtable Discussion" 
Spring 2018 Colloquium
Social Media and Website Updates
Courses of Interest
Faculty and Student Achievements
WGS 2017 Scholarship and Award Winners
Graduates 2016-2017
No Limits 2018

Spring 2017 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2016 Newsletter

No Limits Keynote Lecture: Dr. Meenakshi Gigi Durham
Rave Reviews for No Limits 2016!
Colloquium Series – "Legal Codes & Talking Trees: Indigenous Women's Sovereignty in the Sonoran & Puget Sound Borderlands, 1854-1946," Professor Katrina Jagodinsky
WGS Welcomes New Faculty!
A Celebration in Honor of Chantal Kalisa
Dr. Marie-Chantal Kalisa Memorial Fund
Faculty and Student Achievements
2016 Scholarship and Award Winners
No Limits 2017
WGS Welcomes Dr. Catherine Medici-Thiemann!
Spring 2017 Colloquium
Courses of Interest, Spring 2017
Alumni Spotlight: Jules Black
Social Media & Website Updates
Graduates, 2015-2016

Spring 2016 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Colloquium Series –"Painting Women: Gender, Representation, and Artistic Identity," Professor Alexandra Wettlaufer
Colloquium Series –"Women and Conflict: The Contributions of American Foundations," Professor Patrice McMahon
Colloquium Series –"Women Survival and Subversive Strategies Under Socialism," Professor Brenda Flanagan
Colloquium Series –"The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish," Professor Linda Przybyszewski
Colloquium Series – "'School's Out': Gay and Lesbian Teachers in the Classroom," Professor Cati Connell
Colloquium Series – "Muslim Women's Activism and Legislative Reform in Niger," Professor Alice Kang
Faculty and Student Achievements
2015 Scholarship and Award Winners
No Limits 2016
WGS Welcomes Dr. Abla Hasan!
Spring 2016 Colloquium
Special Topics Courses, Spring 2016
Alumni Spotlight
Social Media & Website Updates
Graduates, 2014-2015

Spring 2015 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Colloquium Series –“Saving the Muslim Woman” Professor Basuli Deb
Colloquium Series –“‘Travelling Bodyes’: Theorizing Subaltern Women’s Movements in(to) Protoimperialist England, c. 1560-1580” Professor Bernadette Andrea
Colloquium Series –“The Grasp That Reaches Beyond the Grave: The Ancestral Call in Black Women’s Literature” Professor Venetria K. Patton
Colloquium Series –“‘AIDS Knows No Borders’: Activist Rhetoric Against the US Ban on HIV+ Immigration”
Professor Karma R. Chávez
Colloquium Series –“Women’s Studies at the University of Nebraska Lincoln: A Brief Digital History” Danielle Rue
Colloquium Series –“If Everyone Cared: Transnational Indigenous Women’s Activism and Child Welfare, 1960-1980” Professor Margaret Jacobs
Faculty and Student Achievements
Rose Holz and Sarah Rodriguez Share Their Research on Sexologist and Artist Dr. Dickinson
Spring 2015 Special Topics Courses
No Limits 2015
2014 Scholarship and Award Winners
SAGE and Students for Choice Update
2013-2014 Graduates

Spring 2014 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Science and Gender Matters: No Limits 2013, A Student’s Response
Colloquium Series – "Gender, Race, and the Missing Link: Science and the Transatlantic Debate on 'The Negro Question'" Jeannette Eileen Jones
Colloquium Series –"Spotlight on Graduate Student Research: LGBTQ Health and Well-Being" Amy Vanderpool, Peter Meidlinger, Amy Arellano, Allison Bonander, and Christina Ivey
Colloquium Series –"In the Shadow of Sexuality: Social Support and Health Challenges in the Lives of Older African American Sexual Minorities" Mignon Moore
Colloquium Series – "Socio, Political, and Medical Impacts on Transgender Health: National Patterns and Local Experience" Jay Irwin and Christopher Fisher
Faculty and Student Achievements
Helen Moore Receives Distinguished Career Award from Faculty Senate
Spring 2014 Colloquium
No Limits 2014
Spring 2014 Special Topics Courses
2013 Scholarship and Award Winners
Welcome New Faculty
New Graduate Student Group
Senior Seminar Receives Recognition from the College of Arts and Sciences
SAGE and Students for Choice
2012-2013 Graduates

Spring 2013 Update

This short newsletter provided a brief review of WGS programs and activities during the spring semester.

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Colloquium Series - "Whitman's Leaves, Gamberale's Foglie d'erba and the Language of Futurism and Fascism" Marina Camboni
Colloquium Series - "Guyland: the Perilous World Where Boys Become Men" Michael Kimmel
Colloquium Series - "Roundtable Discussion: Incorporating Masculinities into Women's and Gender Studies"
Colloquium Series - "Whose Business Is It Anyway? Or, How the American Birth Control League Waged Battle Against Commercial Birth
Control Clinics in the 1930s" Rose Holz
Colloquium Series - "Surgical Sterilization, Race and Regret: Contemporary Patterns" Karnina Shreffler and Julia McQuillan
Colloquium Series - "'This Giving Birth': The Politics of Pregnancy and Childbirth in African American Women's History and Literature" Kathleen Lacey
Faculty and Student Achievements
Science and Gender Matters: No Limits 2013
Spring 2013 Special Topics Courses
Welcome New Faculty
Spring 2013 Colloquium Series
Faculty and Student Achievements
2012 Scholarship and Award Winners

Spring 2012 Update

This short newsletter provides a brief review of WGS programs and activities in the spring semester and upcoming WGS events.

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Colloquium Series - "Brain Sex: Truth, Tall Tales, and Time for a Developmental Perspective" Dr. Lise Eliot
Colloquium Series - "Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory: Reconsidering What it Means to be a Scientist" Dr. Emily Monosson
Colloquium Series - "Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering" Dr. Londa Schiebinger
Colloquium Series - "Playing at the Center of the Cosmos: The Meaning of Hildegard's Ordo Virtutum" Dr. Margot Fassler
Colloquium Series - "The History of ACT-UP" Sarah Schulman
Faculty and Student Achievements
SAGE and Students For Choice Update
Spring 2012 Colloquium Information

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Colloquium Series - Lindsay Kerns "The Life and Surprising Adventures of Film Adaptation: Autobiographical Biography as a Mysterious Act of Translation"
Global Issues, Local Voices: No Limits 2010 One Student's Perspective
Colloquium Series - Paul Dosh and Emily Hedin "Building Dignity: From Scholarship to Activism in Latin America"
Colloquium Series- Jewelle Gomez "Jewelle Gomez Reads from her Work"
Faculty/ Staff Achievements
Mentorship Program Important to Youth and UNL Students

Fall 2009 Newsletter

Rwanda Summer Program
Colloquium Series- Dr. Cynthia Enloe "Picking up the Pieces: When is a War Really 'Over' in Women's Lives"
Colloquium Series- Dr. Leslie Wolfe, "'Lifting as We Climb': Global Feminist Revolution for Women's Human Rights"
Colloquium Series - Carrie Walker, "Breaking Silences and Enacting Justice: Advocating for Women's Rights at the United Nations"
Faculty/ Staff Achievements
Interdisciplinary Seed Grant
Welcome New Faculty
No Limits - "Global Issues, Local Voices: No Limits 2010,"
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March 5-6, 2010

Spring 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to Our New Faculty
Colloquium Series - Rose Holz and Sarah Rodriguez "Meet Dr. Dickson: Probably the Most Influential Sexologist of the 20th Whom You've Never Heard"
Colloquium Series - Virginia Braun (Psychologist), "Questioning 'The Desinger Vagina': A Crtical Analysis of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery"
Carrie Walker Represents Our WGS Program at the UN Commission on the Status of Women
No Limits 2009, "Feminisms, Enviroments and New Media", University of Nebraska at Omaha, March 6-7
Rwanda Summer Program: "An Interdisciplinary Study of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and Its Aftermath" Summer Study Abroad, July 12-25, 2009
1st Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking,"What We Know and What We Need to Know", University of Nebraska—Lincoln, October 29-30
No Limits 2010, " Global Issues; Local Voices; No Limits 2010", University of Nebraska—Lincoln, March 5-6

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to Our New Faculty
WGS Career Workshop
Colloquium Series - Marty Klein (Sex Therapist & Author), "America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust & Liberty"
Colloquium Series - Alexandra Basolo (UNL School of Biological Sciences), "Biases in Female Mate Choice: What Biologists Have Learned from Swordtail Fishes"
Colloquium Series - Dorothy Allison, "Context & Contradiction: Standing in a Place I Did Not Know How to Imagine"
New Doctoral Field in Feminist Economics at UNL
Rwanda Summer Program: "An Interdisciplinary Study of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and Its Aftermath" - Summer Study Abroad, July 12-25, 2009

Spring 2008 Newsletter

Colloquium Series - Roundtable, "Studying Nature and the Environment: Why Gender Matters"
30-Year Anniversary Banquet
WGS Founders Inverview: Dr. Linda Pratt

Fall 2007 Newsletter

Colloquium Series - Roundtable, "Feminism then and Now: An Intergenerational Exchange"
Colloquium Series - Roundtable, "A Conversation with Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics"
First Annual WGS Career Workshop
SAGE (Students Advocating Gender Equity) Body Image Exhibit
WGS Faculty Around the World

Spring 2007 Newsletter

No Limits 2007: A Fond Look Backwards
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Nthabiseng Motsemme (International Ford Fellow and Visiting School of Sociology at DePaul University), "Loving in a Time of Hopelessness: On Township Women's Subjectivities in a Time of HIV/AIDS"
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Dr. Carleen Sanchez (Anthropology & Geography, and Ethnic Studies), "Producing Docile Bodies: Indigenous Women and Eurocentric Feminism"
Colloquium Series - Activist Roundtable
A SAGE Perspective on "No Limits" and Amy Miller (Legal Director of the Nebraska ACLU)
"No Limits" Keynote Speakers: tatiana de la tierra

Fall 2006 Newsletter

North Star Internship
Colloquium Series - Roundtable, "Women, Gender, and Globalization"
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Ann McGrath, "Polygamy and Interracial Marriage in Colonial History: Cases from the Cherokee Nation and Queensland, Australia
Poetry Reading, "Pink Icing and Island Blues': A Reading by Pam Mordecai"

Spring 2006 Newsletter

"No Limits": Two Perspectives (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Women's Studies Research in Action: DeVoted Women Project
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Dr. Stephen Lahey, "Jesus and Mary Magdalene: The Opposing Orthodoxies of Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Smith and Their Curiously Consonant Anti-Feminist Results"
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Debbie Krahmer (UNL Libraries), "Doing Transgender Research"
Colloquium Series - Lecture, Dr. Sarah Rodriguez, "A 'Veritable Sheep in Wolf's Clothing': Medicine, Intersexuality and the Role of Clothing in Sex Identity in America 1935-1950"

Fall 2005 Newsletter

Women’s Studies Faculty Earn Honors
Welcome New Faculty
Faculty Achievements
Fall Colloquium Series Explores LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies
Alumnae Updates
Stewart-Nuñez Publishes Poetry Chapbook
End of Semester Celebration
WSA: Women’s Studies Association
Women’s Studies Co-Sponsored Events
No Limits 2006 Call for Proposals

Spring 2005 Newsletter

Welcome New Faculty
No Limits 2005
Faculty Achievements
Donna Akers Provides Insight into the Pocahontas Myth at March Colloquium
No Limits 2006 Call for Papers
Melba Cope Award
May 2005 Graduates
Guerrilla Girls Take UNL by Storm
Women’s Studies Alumni & Student News
Vera Drake Film Spurs Discussion
Dorothy Allison Spring 2005 Visit

Fall 2004 Newsletter

Professor Rose Holz Named Associate Director
New Faculty
Faculty Achievements
News from Majors and Graduates
Colloquium – “A Feminine City? Women, Shopping, and the Creation of Late-19th Century Downtown” Mona Domosh
Spring Events
No Limits 2005 Call for Papers

Spring 2004 Newsletter

No Limits 2004
Colloquium – “Sharing Research Stories: Women’s Studies Faculty Expand and Blur the Boundaries of Academic Inquiry” Elizabeth Suter, Wendy Hines, Ruth Heaton
Faculty Highlights and Achievements
Colloquium – “Dialogue on Teaching Diversity: Reflections on Research, Pedagogy and Passion for Social Justice” Helen Moore, Katherine Acosta, Connie Frey, Crystal Edwards
Alumni News

Fall 2003 Newsletter

Alumni News
No Limits 2004Colloquium Series – “Finding a Research Topic and Doing It, Too: Lessons From Two Women’s Studies Projects” Marie-Chantal Kalisa and Rose Holz
Student Profile
Colloquium – “Perspectives of Asian Women: Research and Writing on Asian Women in the United States and Abroad” Graduate Student Panel

Spring 2003 Newsletter

Student Achievements
No Limits 2004
Lessons from Sociologists for Women in Society Conference
Colloquium – “Quilts as Women’s Art” – Radka Donnell
The Vagina Monologues

Fall 2002 Newsletter

Colloquium – “Terror of Terrorism in the Lives of Caribbean Women” Lynn Bolles
No Limits 2003
Alix Olson Performance
Graduates and New Faculty
Colloquium – “Women, Gender, and Equality: Where Do We Stand Now?”

Spring 2002 Newsletter

Wendy Hines Receives NSF Grant
Student Award Recipients
Faculty Announcements
Colloquium – “Disability from the Inside Out” Kenny Fries
No Limits 2003
Women’s Studies Association
No Limits 2002
Colloquium – “Can Values be Good for Science” Helen Longino
Internship Report

Fall 2001 Newsletter

Internship Report
Hilda Raz Interview
Faculty Announcements
Women’s Studies Association
Art Exhibit - The Ephemeral Forest
Spring 2001 Course: Women and Science
Colloquium – “Popular Piety and Women’s Confessional Practice” Dyan Elliott
No Limits 2002

Spring 2001 Newsletter

Message from Melba Cope
“Afraid to Major in Women’s Studies?”
“What to do with a Women’s Studies Major”
The Vagina Monologues 2001
Colloquium – “The Unnatural History of Rape” Marta Wayne
Holly Hughes Residency
No Limits 2001
Faculty Announcements
Graduates and Award Recipients

Fall 2000 Newsletter

New Faculty
Faculty Activities and Announcements
Women’s Studies Association
New Course Spring 2001: Introduction to Women’s Studies
New Office Location
“Writing the Past, Claiming the Future: Women and Gender in Science, Medicine, and Technology” Conference Recap
No Limits 2001

Spring 2000 Newsletter

Faculty and Student Awards and Achievements
No Limits 2000
First Section of Introduction to Women’s Studies to be Offered
Colloquium Series
Tea and Talk International Women’s Group

Fall 1999 Newsletter

Farewell to Director Christina Brantner as Direcgtor
Colloquium Series
Women’s Center Groups
Honors Thesis Abstract
Recent Faculty Publications
Barbara Smith to Visit
No Limits 2000
An Open Letter to My Younger Sister Students

Fall 1998 Newsletter

No Limits
Faculty and Staff
Internship in Germany
Study Abroad in Mexico
Tina & Toni’s Wedding

Summer 1998 Newsletter

Women’s Studies Moves to Avery Hall
Farewell to Barbara DiBernard as Director
Welcome Christina Brantner as Director

Spring 1998 Newsletter

Mahnaz Afkhami to be Keynote Speaker for No Limits
No Limits 1998
International Grants Dispersal Committee
Women’s Studies Library
In Memoriam
Calendar of Spring Events
Faculty Achievements

Fall 1997 Newsletter

Beth Brant to Speak
Moira Ferguson Named Associate to Chancellor
Cross-Cultural Approaches to Curricular Transformation
“Music ‘Her’ Story” - Melba Cope, 1996 Graduate
Deanna Mumgaard, 1997 Graduate
Calendar of Fall Events
International Focus Continues

Spring 1997 Newsletter

New Award Honors Local Role Model Annis Chaikin Sorensen
New Web Site
Libraries Purchase Women’s Studies Collections
WS Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Robin Becker to Speak
Calendar of Spring Events
Workshop Participants to Tackle International Feminist Pedagogy
Patricia Hill Collins to Visit
Call for Student Award Applications
No Limits 1997

Fall 1996 Newsletter

Program’s 20th Anniversary Celebrated
New Staff Joins Program
International Affairs Grant Enhances Program’s Global Outlook
Calendar of Events
Women’s Studies Alumnae Panel
Women’s Center Offers Groups
Patricia Foster and Susan Koppelman Visit
Faculty in the News
Colloquia – “Gender, Neutrality, and the Immigration Law,” Anna Shavers

Spring 1996 Newsletter

Karen Dunning Fund
International Affairs Grant
Abigail Associates Grants
Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity
Lincoln Chapter of AAUW Seeking Members
Maidu Poet Janice Gould to Speak
Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt to Speak
Call for Outstanding Achievement Award Applications
No Limits 1996
Barbara DiBernard Given Award for Contribution to Women
Women’s Studies Hires Program Secretary
Spring Calendar of Events
Development Fund Continues to Grow
December Graduates
Instruction Equipment Funds Awarded

Fall 1995 Newsletter

Women’s Studies Program Awarded Curriculum Development Grant
Women’s Studies Program Office Welcomes Second Intern
Women’s Studies Office Staff is Growing
Fall Calendar of Events
Development Fund Continues to Grow Thanks to Donors
Women’s Studies Majors Participate in Research Conference
Spotlight on New Faculty
Melba Cope Awarded Second Outstanding Achievement Award
Reception to Honor New Women Faculty
Women’s Studies Association

Spring 1995 Newsletter

Spring Colloquium Series - Jean Fagan Yellin and Chyrstos
No Limits 1995
Spring Semester Intern Thelma Ross
Call for Outstanding Achievement Award Applications
Spring Calendar of Events
Development Fund Established at Foundation
Theo Vera Brown Sonderegger Announces Retirement

Fall 1994 Newsletter

Thelma Ross Awarded Women’s Studies’ First Outstanding Achievement Award
Colloquia - “Naked Amazons and Queer Damozels: A History of Lesbian Life” – Lillian Faderman
No Limits 1995
Calendar of Fall Events
First and Only National Women’s Studies On-line Database
Feminist Pedagogy Group
Dr. Theo Vera Brown Sonderegger Donates Award to Women’s Studies Program

Spring 1994 Newsletter

Summer Course Offerings
New Brochure
Colloquia – “A Woman’s Guide to Surviving in in the Academic World” Paula J. Caplan
Women’s Studies Association
No Limits Regional Conference 1994
Call for Outstanding Achievement Award Applications
Spring Colloquium Calendar

Spring 1982 Newsletter

Common Aims of National Women's Studies Programs
Editor's Note: The First UNL Women’s Studies Newsletter