No Limits 2022:
Writing as Resistance

Featuring keynote speaker SJ Sindu

  • Friday, March 11, 2022
  • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • In person at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, City Union

No Limits! is an interdisciplinary student conference that explores a wide range of issues related to women, gender, and sexuality. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates are invited to submit proposals to present their academic research, creative project, or activist work on women, gender, and/or sexuality.

Alumna Sindu is a novelist and short story writer. Her books include Marriage of a Thousand Lies (2017) and Blue-Skinned Gods (2021).

No Limits was organized by Rose Holz and Amy Peterson. We would like to thank the program's core faculty, graduate students, and others for their assistance.

Thank you for attending, and we hope you enjoy the conference!

Please note the conference will abide by COVID-19 requirements as directed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We respectfully request that you join us in wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing whenever possible.


Check-In at Fischer Lounge (top of the spiral staircase) begins at 8:15 a.m.

Due to inclement weather, we have had several presenter cancellations. For a list of changes, please see: Presentation Cancellations
TimeLocation and Details
8:15-9:10am A Place to Meet and Mingle
Heritage Room

Session #1: Visual Art, Creativity, and Design
Regency A

  • Moderator: Briar Essex (UNL)
  • Rebekah Brown (UNL), “Making it Come True: Validating and Empowering the African American Feminist Artist in Faith Ringgold’s French Collection
  • Venn Jemkur (UNL), “Plus-size Apparel: The Design Question”
  • Keshia Mcclantoc (UNL), “The Rise of Female Commentary YouTubers and QueerFeminist Educational Activism”
  • Tix Tennant-Hill (University of Central Oklahoma), “Asexuality and Aromanticism through Photography”

Session #2: Power and Representation in Pop Culture
Regency B

  • Moderator: Lara A. Garrido (UNL)
  • Carrie Cave (UNL), “Gender, Popular Culture, and Social Movements in Beyoncé's ‘Lemonade’ Album”
  • B. Littman (UNL), “Feminism and Representation of Diverse Identities in American Girl Dolls
  • Olivia Pereira (UNL), “Representation of Alternative Sexualities in Media”
  • Emily Steinbach (Nebraska Wesleyan University), “It’s Time to Cancel, Cancel Culture: Power Dynamics and Gender Roles”

Session #3: Applying Feminism in Education, Medicine, and Law (Regency C)

  • Moderator: Alex Mohr (UNL)
  • Jacob Jardel (University of Missouri – Kansas City), “Within and With Out: Queering Composition Through Collaboration and Student Narrative”
  • Aidan Maher (Nebraska Wesleyan University), “Trigger Warning: Gender and Trauma in College Classrooms”
  • Syd Miller (UNL), “Trans Legal Aid: Resources and Information for Lawyers Working With Transgender Clients”
  • Grey Stone (University of Central Oklahoma), “Asexual Ally 101”

Session #4: Women’s Voices and Feminist Discourse in Nineteenth-Century America (Ubuntu Room; 202)

  • Moderator: Catherine Medici-Thiemann (UNL)
  • Bethany Holley-Griffith (University of Central Oklahoma), “Republican Motherhood: Understanding the Role of Domesticity and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Education Reform”
  • Kaitie Mannis (University of Central Oklahoma), “Entertaining While Indoctrinating: The Gendering of Children’s Literature in the Victorian Period”
  • Jaclyn Swiderski (UNL), “‘What an awful pity it is that you can’t say damn’: Disability as Complex Embodiment in The Diary of Alice James”
  • Ann Vlock (UNL), “Once Ruined, Always Ruined: The Late Nineteenth Century Discourse on the Age of Consent”

Session #5: This Land Is Our Land: Digitizing The Center’s Archives of Rare BGLTQ+ and Feminist Periodicals from the 1970s-2010s (Unity Room; 212)

  • Moderator: Jen Kruse (UNL)
  • Alexis McKernan, Emma Stewart, Mikele Smith, and Skyler Donnell (University of Central Oklahoma)
11:00am-12:15pm Keynote Address: SJ Sindu
Union Auditorium
12:15-12:55pm Complimentary box lunches for those pre-registered
Centennial Room
1:00-2:20pm Session #6: Language, Gender Identities, and Prescribed Gender Roles
Regency A

  • Moderator: Melissa Homestead (UNL)
  • Skyler Donnell (University of Central Oklahoma), “The Modern Language Surrounding Male Birth Control”
  • Ana Tudela Martinez (UNL), “Dueling Masculinities: Anachronism and Contrast in C. Tangana’s El madrileño”
  • Aster Yeoman (University of Central Oklahoma), “Which of these Languages Have Gender Neutral Pronouns?”

Session #7: Power and Resistance Across Time and Place
Regency B

  • Moderator: Kathleen Lacey (UNL)
  • Courtney Hanson (Hastings College), “Women Leaders as Collaborators, Builders, and Tacklers of Male-Dominated Spaces”
  • Briar Essex (UNL), “Lou’s Hand: An Exploration of Queer Kinship through the Diaries of Lou Sullivan”
  • Maya Fitch (University of Central Oklahoma), “Fact and Fiction: A Look at Jewish Gender Subversion from the Hellenistic Period to Present Day”

Session #8: Feminist Examinations of Sexual Health in Theory, Language, and Practice
Regency C

  • Moderator: Alexandra Bissell (UNL)
  • Hannah Ash (University of Central Oklahoma), “Why America Needs Sexual Health Education”
  • Jayce Camp (University of Central Oklahoma), “Confronting Stigmatizing Policies: An Oklahoma-Based Analysis of Policy and Stigmatizing Attitudes Towards HIV/AIDS”
  • Philana McHenry (University of Central Oklahoma), “What’s In a Name? Activism, Bigotry, Treatment, and Language in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic”
  • Lauren Watkins (University of Central Oklahoma), “Healthcare and Inequity: Transgender Patients Quality of Treatment”

Session #9: Rethinking Theory
Ubuntu Room / 202

  • Moderator: Iker González-Allende (UNL)
  • Clare Frances Kennedy (UNL), “Masculinities at a Crossroads: Addressing Harassment and Sexism Within the Field of Masculinities Studies”
  • Ashton Koch (UNL), “Clash and Cooperation of Ecofeminism and Postmodern Feminism"
  • Natalie Watson (Hastings College), “Doing Justice to Gender”

Session #10: Responding to Student Disclosures with CARE
Unity Room / 212

  • Moderator: Jennifer Kruse (UNL)
  • Workshop led by Lizzy Lavin (UNL)

Session #11: Representations of Gender in Television and Film
Regency A

  • Moderator: Tamy Burnett (UNL)
  • Tina Jones (UNK), “RuPaul and Drag Race’s Influence on Society”
  • Hannah Labonar (UNL), “Geniuses and Bad Girl Shenanigans: The Moral Complexity of Superhero TV’s Female Scientists”
  • Kayla Schmitz (UNL), “‘This Was Supposed to Be Easy!’ Reproductive Justice Rhetoric Through Rhetorical Homology in Hulu’s Plan B

Session #12: Listening to Stories of Violence among Under-represented Women: How the Media and Other Institutions Have Failed Them
Regency B

  • Moderator: Meagan Kunitzer (UNL)
  • Ty Anderson and Mikele Smith (University of Central Oklahoma), “The Missing White Woman Syndrome”
  • Becca Archer (UNK), “Inequity and Violence: Indigenous Women and Sex Trafficking Policies”
  • Christina Markgraf, Tiffany Berry, Journey Noyes, Tina Jones, and Michelle Gerih (UNK), “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the Media”
  • Lydia Perez (University of Central Oklahoma), “The War on Drugs and the Calderón Administration: A Historical Analysis of Militaristic Language and Tendencies”

Session #13: The Black Woman Experience
Regency C

  • Moderator: Shari Stenberg (UNL)
  • Keesha Albrecht (UNK), “Love and Control in Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • Kiley Anderson (UNK), “The Poetry and Public Persona of Phillis Wheatley”
  • Taleaha Lee (University of Central Oklahoma), “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”
  • Keryeé Morton (University of Central Oklahoma), “Black Minds Matter”

Session #14: Feminism at the Intersections of Religious Traditions
Ubuntu Room / 202

  • Moderator: Marissa Oliver (UNL)
  • Andrew Hedges (University of Central Oklahoma), “B’tselem Elohim ‘In G-d’s Image’”
  • Trevor Linn (Nebraska Wesleyan University), “The Ambivalence of Feminist Religious Symbolism”
  • Jacob Reavis (University of Central Oklahoma), “Sacred River in Crisis: An Analysis of Gender, Cultural Practices, and Pollution along the Ganges”
  • Deanna Sobczak (UNO), “Woman and the Cosmos: Creation Imagery in Heldegard of Bingen’s Liber Divinorum Operum

Session #15: Zine Making Workshop: A Historical Analysis of Queer Resistance in Zines
Unity Room / 212

  • Moderator: Keshia Mcclantoc (UNL)
  • Workshop led Grace Payne and Skyler Donnell (University of Central Oklahoma)

Session #16: Documentary Film: “Sexual Health Is Health”
Regency A

  • Moderator: Shari Stenberg (UNL)
  • Documentary directed by Mak McCleary (University of Central Oklahoma)

Session #17: Transgressing Prescribed Narratives
Regency B

  • Moderator: Tamy Burnett (UNL)
  • Mara Andersen (UNK), “The Constellation of Shakespeare’s Juliet”
  • Eden Bass (University of Central Oklahoma), “Neuroqueer: The Intersectionality of Neurodivergence and Queerness”
  • Diana Humble (University of South Dakota), “Preliminary Findings: The Inclusion of Rape and Other Non-Consensual Sexual Adults in Self-Insert Fanfiction”
  • Merrick S. (University of Central Oklahoma), “‘Queerly Beloved’ and ‘Phantom Mechanics:’ A Duality of Queer Resistance”

Session #18: Transcending Cultural Norms and Gender in Transnational Communities
Regency C

  • Moderator: Sandra Loughrin (UNK)
  • Zachary Cheek (UNL), “The Impact of India’s 2009 Right to Education Act on Primary- and Secondary-Level Gender Parity Indices”
  • Michelle Gerih (UNK), “Sexism in Latino Culture”
  • AnaMarie Lopez (University of Central Oklahoma), “Cultural Customs and their Limits on Liberation: An Analysis of the Latinx Community and the Mental Illness Within It

Session #19: Investigating Women, Gender, and Sex Through Change Over Time: Historical Perspectives
Ubuntu Room / 202

  • Moderator: Jess Morrow (UNL)
  • Giovanni Esparza (University of Northern Colorado), “‘Jorgensen Enjoys Being Christine’: Christine Jorgensen’s Public Image and How It Shaped a Movement”
  • Elizabeth Malousek (UNL), “The Problem with Purity: Let’s Talk about Why We Don’t Talk About Sex”
  • Sam Royka (University of Central Oklahoma), “Love As Resistance”
  • Emma Stewart (University of Central Oklahoma), “A History of Hysteria: The Evolution of Attitudes Towards Menstruation From 1920-2020”

Session #20: bell hooks: Pedagogy through Dialogue - Tributes from UNL Teachers, Writers, and Advocates
Unity Room / 212

  • Amelia-Marie Altstadt, Briar Essex, Jordan Charlton, Zoe McDonald, Elva Moreno Del Rio, and Alexander Vera (UNL)
5:30-6:00pm Last Chance to Mingle and Fond Farewells…Until Next Year at UNK!

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Due to inclement weather, we have had several presenter cancellations. For a list of changes, please see: Presentation Cancellations




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