Previous Colloquium Events

Fall 2014 Series

Karma R. Chavez

"AIDS Knows No Borders": Activist Rhetoric Against the US Ban on HIV+ Immigration

Friday, October 3, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Danielle Rue

"Women's Studies at the University of Nebraska Lincoln: A Brief Digital History"

Monday, October 27, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Margaret Jacobs

"If Everyone Cared: Transnational Indigenous Women's Activism and Child Welfare, 1960-1980"

Monday, November 10, 3:30pm
Andrews Hall, Bailey Library

Spring 2014 Series

Basuli Deb

"Saving the Muslim Woman"

Monday, February 3, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Bernadette Andrea

"'Travelling Bodyes': Theorizing Subaltern Women’s Movements in(to) Protoimperialist England, c. 1560-1580"

Friday, March 14, 7:00pm
The Center for Great Plains Studies

Venetria K. Patton

"The Grasp That Reaches Beyond the Grave: The Ancestral Call in Black Women’s Literature"

Tuesday, March 18, 3:30pm
Andrews Hall, Bailey Library

Fall 2013 Series

Spotlight on Graduate Student Research

"LGBTQ Perspectives on Health and Well-Being"

Monday, September 16, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union Heritage Room

Mignon Moore

"In the Shadow of Sexuality: LGBT African American Elders and Social Support"

Monday, October 7, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Jay Irwin & Christopher Fisher

"Socio, Political, and Medical Impacts on transgender Health: National Patterns and Local Experience"

Monday, October 28, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Spring 2013 Series

Janet Kourany

“But What Happens When the Scientists Are Women?”

Friday, March 1, 4:30pm
Sheldon Museum of Art

Sarah Gervais's Student Research Team

"Applying Gender to Psychology Research: Helping Students Create New Knowledge"

Saturday, March 2, 2:30pm
Nebraska Union Auditorium

Jeannette Eileen Jones

"Gender, Race, and the Missing Link: Science and the Transatlantic Debate on 'The Negro Question'"

Tuesday, April 16, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Fall 2012 Series

Rose Holz

"Whose Business Is It Anyway? Or, How the American Birth Control League Waged Battle Against Commercial Birth Control Clinics in the 1930s"

Thursday, September 27, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Julia McQuillan & Karina Shreffler

"Surgical Sterilization, Regret, and Race: Contemporary Patterns"

Thursday, October 25, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)

Kathleen Lacey

"'This Giving Birth:' The Politics of Pregnancy and Childbirth in African American Women's History and Literature"

Monday, November 12, 3:30pm
Nebraska Union (Room Posted)