Student Spotlight: Allison Buell

Photo Credit: Allison Buell
March 4, 2020

Major(s): Secondary English education
Minor(s): Women's and gender studies, English
Year in school: Sophomore
Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Why did you select your areas of study? Were there any experiences that convinced you to declare?
I selected my major because I enjoy English and working with children, so I decided to merge these two together and become an English teacher. I decided to minor in women's and gender studies because, after taking a few of the women's and gender studies classes, I realized that I was very fascinated by this topic and I found the classes to be meaningful as well as valuable to me. In high school, I had a teacher who taught both English classes as well as a women's literature course. She inspired me to take that route too and become an English teacher, and hopefully a women's literature teacher in the future.

What is your favorite course you have taken from your programs and why?
My favorite course I have taken within this program is the intro course: Intro to Women's and Gender Studies. We read about some great women and I learned a lot of interesting information I had not known before. The professor, Dr. Shari Stenberg, was passionate about the materials she taught and my fellow classmates had some great insights.

What are you involved in on campus?
I am on the advisory board for CEHS, the director of the CEHS Peer Network Program, and a teaching assistant at the UNL Children's Center.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to become a middle school English teacher.