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Research interests: men and masculinities, sexuality, health and the body, work and occupations, and sociology of sport.

Trenton's research to date has primarily examined masculinity within female-dominated spaces like sports. He continues to build on this research by examining how occupational segregation and institutional structures shape the construction and performance of masculinity.

By studying men in sports, the workplace, and also men’s feminist attitudes, he contributes toward the growing body of work examining how men create, navigate, and maintain diverse masculinities in both female- and male-dominated spaces.

For his dissertation, he looks forward to exploring how the "male gaze" affects men, their constructions of masculinity, and interpersonal interactions by using eye-tracking technologies and in-depth interviews. In this mixed-methods work, he anticipates issues of homophobia, objectification, and relative deprivation will be at the forefront of his findings.

New Publications

Haltom, Trenton M. Forthcoming. “Give Us a Twirl: Male Baton Twirlers’ Embodied Resistance in a Feminized Terrain.” Body Battlegrounds: Transgressions, Tensions, and Transformations edited by C. Bobel and S. Kwan. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press.

Haltom, Trenton M. 2018. Book Review of Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men by Ritch C. Savin-Williams. Men and Masculinities. DOI: 10.1177/1097184X18766568


Schmitz, Rachel, and Trenton M. Haltom. 2017. “‘I Wanted to Raise my Hand and Say I’m Not a Feminist’: College Men’s Use of Hybrid Masculinities to Negotiate Attachments to Feminism and Gender Studies.” Journal of Men’s Studies 25(3):278–297. DOI: 10.1177/1060826516676841

Haltom, Trenton M., and Meredith G. F. Worthen. 2014. “Male Ballet Dancers and Heteromasculinity.” Journal of College Student Development 55(8):757–778. DOI: 10.1353/csd.2014.0084


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Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Sociology of Sport



M.A., University of Houston

B.A., University of Oklahoma