It is possible to use Buffett funding to support your trip! To do so, you must [1] ensure your eligibility [2] fill out the “Request to Study Abroad Form once you have applied and been accepted to a study abroad program. If approved to study abroad using WHT funding, the amount of funding you will receive is based upon the number of credit hours you are enrolled in during your study abroad term. Please see the chart below for details. 

Maximum Term Awards for 2019-2020

(term = semester, quarter, or summer session)

Full Time(12+hours) Three-Quarter Time(9-11 hours) Half Time(6-8 hours) Quarter Time(3-5 hours) Less than Quarter Time(1-2 hours)
$5,250.00 $3,937.50 $2,625.00 $1,312.50 $656.25

Also, be sure to consider other funding sources such as the ones listed below! It is possible to apply for and receive multiple scholarships/grants and to combine these with other funding options.

    • Education Abroad Scholarships (e.g., Early Abroad, MAPS) 
      • UPDATE! 

        Summer 2020 MAPS Scholarship – Late Consideration – due on March 1

        • A limited number of scholarships will be available to students who demonstrate merit and financial need, and who started a program application after January 5 for a summer program.
        • Students who applied by the January 5 deadline and do not receive an award will be considered for the March 1 round, but they cannot revisit nor edit their application essays.
        • Students pursuing faculty-led programs will still be required to make a financial commitment to their program prior to receiving “Late Consideration” scholarship results.
    • Affiliated Programs Scholarships (e.g., CET, ISA)
    • College/Departmental Scholarships (speak with your academic advisor about opportunities)
    • Nationally funded fellowships (e.g., Gilman, Boren)
      • Gilman Scholarship Cycle Two deadline: March 3
        • Dr. Laura Damuth, UNL Director of National and International Fellowships is holding a Gilman Essay Workshop on Sunday, February 23. You are invited to bring your laptop and finish up your Gilman application. Three writing mentors will be there to help you brainstorm about content, using the correct grammar, and finalizing your essays. Come when you like; leave when you like.
      • Boren Scholarship deadline: February 
    • Other scholarships you are currently receiving
      • Talk with the Husker Hub to discover if other scholarships/grants you are currently receiving may be used to study abroad and about additional funding opportunities (e.g., loans).  
        • If you are considering a study abroad program and would like to know whether or not a scholarship may be applied, the Husker Hub can assist you during walk-in hours Monday to Friday from 8 am-5 pm in Louise Pound Hall, Suite 130.
        • If you have made the official commitment deposit to a study abroad program and would like to know how your scholarships may be applied, please attend the NEW Husker Hub Study Abroad Workshop. During the workshop, information about billing, disbursement and more will be shared. Additionally, each student will also be given an opportunity to meet with a student services specialist to discuss their specific financial situation. If further time is needed, a follow-up appointment with a student support specialist will be scheduled. Study Abroad Scholarship Workshops from the Husker Hub will occur every Wednesday morning and afternoon from February 19 until March 25. To reserve a spot in a Husker Hub Study Abroad Scholarship Workshop, please call (402-472-2030), email ( or stop by the office (130 in Louise Pound Hall).
        • Before heading abroad, the Husker Hub can also help you to adjust your cost of attendanceIf you are considering studying abroad over the summer, you will also need to fill out a Summer Aid Application with the Husker Hub (Louise Pound Hall, Suite 130).