Learning Community Expectations

Study Abroad with W.H. Thompson

When can I go abroad?

First Year Scholars - Scholars are unable to apply their Buffett Scholarship towards studying abroad during their Fall & Spring of their first two terms. First year scholars are able to apply their Buffett Scholarship towards studying abroad in the Summer.

Second Year Scholars - If you are planning to go abroad during the Fall or Spring of your second year you will need to make up your Learning Community Expectations, which can include:

  • The William H. Thompson courses you are unable to complete
  • The event requirements you will miss as a result of studying abroad
  • The one on one meetings you are required to have with William H. Thompson staff
  • Your 2nd year end of the semester survey

Additional Requirements

    • Meet with a WHT Staff member prior to leaving the country
    • Be earning credits towards graduation
    • Have successfully competed at least 2 terms
    • Program is approved by the University and tution and fees are paid directly to the primary instiution 
    • Students must successfully complete 2 terms with a cumulative GPA above a 2.0
    • Students must not be on academic probation at the end of term immediately prior to studying abroad

In addition to this information, please refer to the front of your learning community calendar in order to understand the expectations for William H. Thompson Scholars.