Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (STBF) Study Abroad Request Form

  • The request form should be completed after you have been accepted into a study abroad program and before the STBF deadline.
  • Deadlines to Request Funding to Study Abroad
    • Fall term: August 1st
    • Spring term: December 1st
    • Summer term: April 1st

Pre-Study Abroad Survey

Complete this form after you receive approval from the STBF to use Buffett funding to study abroad. Once your form is submitted, you will meet with WHT Administrative Coordinator, Francella Wiles (GAUN 133) before your trip abroad to review your plans and WHT requirements. To ensure that everything is in order, please schedule a meeting with Francella at least one month before you study abroad.

Post-Study Abroad Survey

Complete this form within the first month of your return. Once your form is submitted, you will meet with Francella to review your responses and make plans if needed to fulfill WHT learning community requirements missed while you were abroad. Both the form and your meeting with Francella should be completed within the first month of your return. Please contact Francella to schedule a meeting.

Study Abroad Workshop RSVP

Every semester, WHT scholars who have studied abroad share about their experiences, how they funded their study abroad trip, and are available to answer your questions. Closer to the date of the workshop, additional details may be found in the WHT Friday newsletter. Use this form to RSVP. Study Abroad Workshops count as both an academic and a life skills event!

Study Abroad Blog Post Form

While you are abroad, it is required for you to write one blog post per month to share about your experience. Scholars traveling for less than one month are only required to write one blog post. All blog posts should be submitted using this form. Before being posted, blogs will be reviewed by Adrienne Shavers, WHT Program Coordinator, to ensure that blog instructions (see Blog Form) and standards are met.