Resources to Fund Experience

Potential Sources of funding:

  • Your Buffett Scholarship
  • Scholarships offered through Education Abroad
  • Scholarships offered within specific Colleges/Departments
  • Loans
Be sure to speak with William H. Thompson Staff as well as the Education Abroad offices to determine scholarships and other ways to fund your experiences abroad.

Education Abroad

Step 1
Do your research on Education Abroad's Fund Your Experience page.

Step 2
Attend a GO session - A GO session will provide students with a better understanding of various aspects of studying abroad. Please be sure to attend one of these sessions, offered weekly. Please attend a GO session prior to making an appointment to meet with Education Abroad staff.

Step 3
Make an appointment with a staff member of the Education Abroad offices in order to further discuss your studying abroad plans and prepare a list of steps to complete prior to your trip. Be sure to discuss funding options for students studying abroad.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Make an appointment with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to make an adjustment to your Cost of Attendance for when you plan to study abroad as well as to discuss other potential sources of funding.


Make an appointment with your academic advisor prior to studying abroad to discuss how your study abroad program fits with your Major/Minor requirements.