2nd Year Students

WHT Scholars Learning Community

What to Expect in Your 2nd Year in the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community


WHT Scholars Classes

Enroll in 1 WHT class each semester. The benefits include smaller class size, classmates you know from the LC, engaged faculty. The courses offered have been selected because they meet the needs of students pursuing most courses of study. Work with your academic adviser to choose the course that is best for you. We have attached descriptions of the courses that will be offered for 2nd year Scholars and the date, time, and call numbers of Fall courses so that you have all the information you need for meeting with your advisers.

If you have questions about whether or not a particular course helps you earn your degree, contact:

Ms. Kelli King
William H. Thompson Scholars Program Coordinator


Events and Activities

The Learning Community will offer programs that meet your needs and interests as a second year. You are welcome to attend programs offered to the first year scholars, but we will also have programming just for you. Plan on attending 4 events each semester (1 event from each of the following categories: academic, life skills, social, and enrichment).


Academic Support

As a second-year scholar you will have continued access to free tutors in multiple subjects through the Success Labs and writing consultants through the Writing Center. In addition, Demoine Adams and his assistants as well as Dr. June Griffin are available to offer support and advice.



William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community (WHT)