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Cing Hawm Lian's Summer 2017 Gilman Experience

My name is Cing Hawm Lian and I studied Chemical Engineering and Pre-Medicine with a minor in Music Technology at University of Nebraska. I was born and raised in Myanmar and moved to the United States back in 2009. I call Lincoln, Nebraska my new home ever since.

In the summer of 2017, I had an amazing opportunity to participate in the Science and Engineering Research Projects at Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany. My project was in tissue engineering, specifically optimization of cell-seeding on electrospun scaffolds using microextrusion printing. During the 12 weeks of the program, I was at the Institute of Multiphase Processes/Biomedical Engineering working on my research project everyday like a full-time job. I got to work with graduate students in the institute and gained a better understanding of research as a career field. Additionally, the field trips to world class Germany companies, including Volkswagen and Seinheiser, helped me better understand the work field in Germany for engineers.

During the first week of this program, there were intercultural events where I got to learn the local German culture and meet German students, including my study buddy. My everyday experience of interacting with local students and faculty and living in the student apartment helped me to immerse myself in a new culture and gave me the opportunity to experience real Germany. I was able to meet other international students through attending international events and I got to see the international study experience at the university.

This research abroad was an incredible opportunity for me to learn my interest field of biomedical engineering more in-depth through a research project in a world's technology leading country. Being a first-generation college student and an immigrant, I got this experience with the help of the WHT community and the Gilman study abroad scholarship. I encourage my fellow WHT scholars interested in studying abroad to apply for the Gilman Scholarship to gain an incredible experience to learn their interest field a more in-depth in another country. If anyone is interested in applying for the Gilman scholarship, I would be willing to help and students can contact me at cinglian@ymail.com and include "Gilman Scholarship" in the subject line.