Benefits of Participating in the Writing Fellows Program

Over three semesters of data collection, faculty and students have all reported positive experiences with the UNL Writing Center’s Writing Fellows program.

  1. Faculty. Faculty not only noted the ways in which student writing had improved from previous semesters, but also how they changed or adapted their courses based on the greater understanding they gained about how students learn to write. They also called attention to how collaborating with the Writing Fellows program allowed them to give more meaningful feedback on writing to their students. Faculty also agreed that Fellows were able to support student writing effectively in their specific disciplines, regardless of the Fellows’ own disciplinary background.

  2. Students. Students agreed that working with a Writing Fellow improved their experience in the course, helped them be successful in the course, and helped them grow as writers. They also indicated that Writing Fellows were helpful in building their confidence around writing as well as transferable writing skills.

Key survey responses from Fall 2017-Fall 2018:

Survey response graphs

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