One-With-One Tutoring for Creative Writing

The writing center offers an opportunity for writers to get first-hand feedback on their creative work from a reader who is helpful, enthusiastic, and engaged with your work. We can help with all stages of your writing process, whether you're just brainstorming some ideas, bringing in an early draft written on the back of paper coasters, developing a fully fleshed-out copy, or prepared to send something to publishers and looking for a final run-through. We are happy to talk about ideas and discuss different paths you could take with your work. Though not every consultant at the writing center is a creative writer, we are all passionate about writing and eager readers. Often, some of the best feedback you can get is from someone who does not read some of the same stuff you do, but offers a unique insight into what you're working on.

What to Bring

You are encouraged to come with questions to ask your reader so that your consultation will be as helpful as possible. Often, it's helpful to get simple feedback about the work, such as to ask what your reader was most interested in and what your reader got out of your piece. Other questions can help you work on specific elements of your work, such as pacing, voice, and theme.

What to Expect

Together, you and the consultant will read through your work. Afterwards, you will chat about ideas for improvement and revision. This is a great opportunity for you to talk about elements you would like to improve or other options you were considering, as a second opinion will help you focus your ideas and think about new ways to approach your topic. Though you might not get through a whole work in one sitting (such as with novels, memoirs, etc.), you can look at pieces of of a longer work or discuss the project in summary. The goal of the writing center is to encourage you to look at your writing in new ways and to give you new revision skills to help you in your writing. We also welcome you to make recurring appointments in the writing center to work on longer projects. If you are interested in working with other writers on improving your work, you are welcome to join one of our creative writing communities.