Online Writing Center Services

In addition to in-person consultations, we have TWO ways you can work with us online:

  • Online consultations: these are real-time, video consultations with a Writing Center consultant. You will log in to our scheduling system,, a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time and meet online with the consultant. All appointments this year are 40 minutes in length.
  • eTutoring appointments: eTutoring appointments allow you to receive email feedback from a consultant. When you make an appointment, you will attach a piece of writing (5 pages maximum), and a Writing Center consultant will provide written feedback, which you will receive shortly after the appointment time you signed up for.

Make an Appointment

Please watch the videos below to learn how to sign up for online appointments and what to expect from the different types of consultations. We look forward to talking with you online!

How to sign up for either kind of appointment:

What to expect during an Online appointment (real-time, video consultation):

How eTutoring (email feedback) works: