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Welcome to the Young Professionals at Nebraska website! We're excited to officially begin working with young professionals across UNL's campus to provide a vital group that will enhance UNL employees' personal and professional lives while working at UNL. Our mission reads as follows:

Young Professionals at Nebraska provides an opportunity for any faculty, staff, or administrator to grow professionally alongside other young professionals in all areas of the institution.

We began working on creating this group in the Fall 2015 and the bylaws and organization were officially founded in March of 2016. Throughout the work of developing the organization, we included young professionals from across campus to ensure we were working to meet the needs of a broad range of our intended membership. The organization is tasked to provide both networking and professional development opportunities for its members.

We hope all new professionals will consider joining our organization and connect with others across campus in a meaningful way. For more information, please contact any of our executive team members, whose information is provided on the Executive Team page.

Thanks for visiting! We hope if you are a UNL professional looking to connect with others on campus, that you will consider joining us at one of our upcoming meetings or events. UNL Professionals are defined as full-time employees at the University. Click on the Become a Member link under the About tab to join!

Kristen Aldrich
President - Young Professionals at Nebraska