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Let’s welcome 2020 with arms wide open to much hope and a promise of a better year!

The UNL Women’s Club continues to Walk Down Memory Lane, as we continue to celebrate its 125 years of friendship and service. In October, we were privileged to have at the Fall Brunch, Kay Logan- Peters, the librarian at the College of Agriculture, entertain and educate us with a timeline of our founders and its members.  They were women of vision and action, adapting and changing with the times. This year, 2020, also marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing and protecting women’s constitutional right to vote. Our early members faced many social, educational, and political roadblocks, and yet they forged on. They were women of great substance and fortitude. A testament our Club still strives to model on.

As we move from autumn to winter/spring, please join me as we continue our 125th anniversary celebrations. Our Program Chair, Mae Anne Balschweid, has planned two very special events for us - one in February and the other in March. Please look for further details in the newsletter.  Then last, but not least, our fabulous Spring Luncheon, organized by Jessie Waller who is preparing our final event of the year on April 1st.  And that’s no April Fools!

The UNLWC board members continue to meet each month and in early spring will begin to plan for the next term which officially begins in May. I invite those of you with interest in becoming involved - who wish to share your time and talent - we welcome you to join us! We are a wonderful group of dedicated, creative, intelligent, and fun women who are open to learn from one another.

May spring bring us the hope of new beginnings!


Miriam McCornick

President, UNL Women’s Club  

  •  Variety Club Serving Hands display
    Variety Club at the Serving Hands public art display
  • Arbor Lodge Tea
    Visit to Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City
  • Arbor Lodge Tea
    Holiday tea at Arbor Lodge.
  • Officers brunch
    Board officers holiday brunch

Calendar of Events

A calendar of upcoming meetings, fundraising activities,
and special events is published in each newsletter


General Meeting
Wednesday, February 19
Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces

General Meetiong
Wednesday, March 25
John Chapo, Lincoln Children's Zoo

Spring Luncheon
Wednesday, April 1